New Life for an Old Piece

by Alicia Rivera.
(Dover, Delaware USA)

ARivera: New Life for an Old Piece 1

I recently came across a necklace I made back when I first started making jewelry. It’s just some low grade howlite and glass beads but I loved the look. Unfortunately, I don’t gravitate to necklaces so it was just sitting in my jewelry box.

ARivera: New Life for an Old Piece 2

I decided that was a waste, so I turned the necklace into a double strand bracelet. I had to remove some links to make it the right size. I used those beads, along with some two-holed paper beads I also made, to make a pair of earrings.

ARivera: New Life for an Old Piece 3

I love knotted headpins with messy wraps.

They aren’t a set but I know I’ll get a lot more use from this bracelet and pair of earrings than I did from the one necklace.

Alicia Rivera
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