Bracelet Display Using a Paint Roller

by Jenny H.

A fuzzy paint roller and some nice fabric is all it takes for a quick bracelet display.

I needed something to display my bracelets and like the idea of putting them on a rounded surface. I read about making your own displays out of paper towel rolls but I didn’t have any empties just yet, so I grabbed the next cylindrical item I saw: unused paint roller covers!

Yes, those furry things that you paint walls with! If you have any lying around in your garage and can “borrow” them for an upcoming craft fair, just cut a piece of fabric 4″ longer and 4″ wider than the diameter of the roller, roll the fabric tightly around it and tuck in the sides. There you go, a bracelet holder that sits nicely on your display table!

Jenny H


bracelet display
by: Barbara

Smaaaaaaart! wow.

Love your work, too!

Wonderful – genius idea!
by: dkruchoski

I love your jewelry as well and what a great idea – I like the dark fabric you chose – makes the bracelets just dazzle. Thanks for sharing!

Love it!
by: Dianne Culbertson

Very creative!

Bracelet display
by: Linda

Great idea. Thanks

Paint Rollers
by: Anonymous

Great Idea! I have many paint rollers hanging around in the basement. It is inexpensive but looks “rich” because of the fabric. I sell vintage beads but love to design jewlery and show people what they can do with the beads I have.


Bracelet display/Paint roller
by: Designs by Love

You go girl, wonderful idea, thank-you!

by: MM

What a wonderful idea!

You Rock!
by: Veronica

Thank you, thank you, the is the best tip ever>

by: Agathe

Great original idea. That is what I will do for my bracelets. Wow!

great idea
by: Anonymous

This is a great idea! What is even better is that paint rollers come in several different thicknesses. You could size your roller for the length of your bracelets. The only thing I might add is to finish off the ends with a wad of matching or contrasting fabric shoved in each end. This would hold your fabric nice and taught and give a more finished appearance on the ends. Love it! I’ll be making these.

PVC pipe works, too
by: Michelle

I made a similar display for my watches using a scrap piece of PVC pipe we had in the garage and covering it in fabric as well. You can cut the pipe any length you want.

Great idea!
by: Anonymous

Love this idea! I have a lot of very heavy bracelets and was worried a paper towel tube wouldn’t hold up for very long – but this is great!

Love it!!!
by: JoJo

I bought some pink paint rollers to put my bracelets on and absoulty love this idea. Does anyone know a great display for stretch rings?

display for stretch rings
by: Barbara

Hi, Jo Jo,

I wonder if wooden dowels from the craft store or lumber yard would work. You could cut them down to 6″ or 8″, one end on an angle and then screw the angled ends in a row to a board base (to look sort of like a coat rack lying flat on the table). You wouldn’t want the dowels too long, or it will be difficult to get the ring off that the customer wants to try on.

Another possibility might be very short curtain rods (or use the wooden dowels the same way). I just bought extendible 18″ matte black curtain rods to hang all my stone strings from, which will then be hung from my display grid. The loaded rods will then go as is into a bin for transportation/storage and save me half an hour of individually putting up and taking down the strings every market day. Maybe a very short curtain rod would work for you. Mine is matte black, and if used as a ring display, the finials, when sitting on the table, would keep the rod part slightly raised so the stones in your rings wouldn’t become damaged as it’s picked up and handled and put back down again.


Paint roller
by: Cristallz

Awesome tip! I don’t have to spend a dime to do this. I even have the small paint rollers. Thanks!

I Love This…
by: Mermaid

Can’t wait to Create one …Thanks for the tip…

Use Pool Noodles
by: Anonymous

You can buy noodles in several diameters-you can cover with velvet sleeves, or, for summer-leave the cotton candy colors-one noodle makes several displays-cheap, too!

Pool noodles
by: Rena

Great idea for using swim noodles, Anonymous! Thanks for adding that idea here.

love this
by: Annie B


paint rolls
by: donnacdesigns

This is a great idea. Thanks

Great Idea !
by: Lee

What a great idea ! I am so going to use this …thanks a million.

Paint roller idea
by: Brenda

You are incredibly smart. And economical! Everyone has these laying around! Everyone is so creative and this is one of the most creative and cost effective ideas I have seen in a long time! Hats off to you!!!! Thanks for sharing.

by: liz

what fabulous ideas thank you so much

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  1. I use PVC pipe with dark blue velvet on it to display my bracelets. I set each end of the pipe in a sconce to give it height. The sconce has to have a flat top with some space between the top and the hole. I have several posts about jewelry displays on my blog:

  2. Lynnie says:

    I have been using paint rollers for sometime – I have now chained 4 of them together with 8″ chain… I have a nice display of maybe 40 or so bracelets using little space. I also co-ordinate the coloured material with the colours of the bracelet………just love all these money saving ideas don’t you?

  3. Check Walmart, or elsewhere, in the sewing department. I found a wooden thread-holder rack. It has about 15 pegs, it can hang on the wall or sit on a table with a built on easel. I painted it black, it is perfect for rings and many other jewelry items. I have even draped satin fabric over it, tucking it down between each peg.

  4. Bev Stone says:

    Since I have pvc pipe laying in my back yard right now, this post made me think of it! Mine is for drain pipe underground so it’s bigger then paint rollers but for those who make the larger, heavier bracelets, it might be good to use the bigger pvc because it will show more of the bracelet at one time. It can be cut with a jig saw…easy.

  5. Bev Stone says:

    I thought of something else!! For finishing off the ends of paint rollers or whatever you use…you could use curtain finials for a nice finish by just pushing them inside the hole and gluing if needed. Other ideas depending on size of roll would be wrap a tennis ball in the same fabric and push into the ends, or any size ball you need.

  6. Brilliant idea! It looks great – will definitely do something like this at my next market 🙂

  7. This is a great idea for a DIY bracelet holder. I’ve been saving paper towel holders.

    I’d love to see a photo of Lynnie’s chain bracelet display.

  8. Susan Artes says:

    Wow – this is so easy! It’s brilliant! Thanks for the stupendous idea!!!

  9. gonna try this for my next show

  10. Great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Great Ideas, covered paint rollers, and the pvc pipe, and I love it sparks even more ideas and sharing for other display items too!! I find it is AS important as the jewelry you have, as to HOW you display it, it really really makes a difference in what does and doesn’t sell!! I am on my 4th year now, and I’ve changed my booth and displays a zillion times ( well……..everytime I set it out “feels like a zillion”! ) 🙂 Also, Pricies on pieces; people do NOT like to have to ask for every price; If I have a tray or basket where all the items are the same, I put a sign on the basket, but Most of the time, I have tagged each item with a price, as I finish making it. Doesn’t mean I can’t change it, but at least I am not faced with having to spend a whole evening pricing items, which really makes me tired. 🙂
    Thanks for the great posts.
    Nice Blog too, Laurel, on your display ideas!! I would LOVE to find some shutters to use. How do you keep them from NOT blowing over in wind?

  12. PhyllisC:
    Thank you so much for the compliment!
    I bought cafe door shutters at Menards though it’s been quite a few years ago now. You can also get the full size doors there probably in the closet door section. The full size shutter doors could be anchored behind a table or they could be attached to your canopy to prevent it blowing over in the wind.

  13. Awesome idea! Would not have thought of that, ever.

  14. Maria Georg says:

    Thankyou so much for your fantastic site. I really appreciate and enjoy the great ideas and I find your information so inspiring .. thanks again Maria Georg

  15. Sandra Holmes says:

    Great idea. I made so many bracelets that ran out if space. I will be making a few rollers today. Thanks so much

  16. MARIA GEORG says:

    Thankyou for your great ideas! I really enjoy receiving and exchanging ideas of jewellery! I have learnt gold and silversmithing and am a qualified jeweller. Thanks to your website I have made the decision to make all kinds of pieces such as beading and wire work. Thanks again for the inspiration
    regards Maria Georg

  17. Maria, that’s wonderful to hear! I’m so glad you’re here with us, and that you’re enjoying making all kinds of jewelry! 🙂

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