Bracelet Display that Looks Good – Smells Great!

 by Jill Quisenberry.
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Empty perfume bottle makes a charming bracelet display

Empty perfume bottle makes a charming bracelet display Display a treasured bottle collection while displaying jewelry Perfume bottles come in all sizes and shapes.

Display a treasured bottle collection while displaying jewelry

I’ve never been able to bring myself to part with my empty perfume bottles. Looking back, I think half the time I chose to buy a specific fragrance because of the wonderful bottle, not the actual scent!

Perfume bottles come in all sizes and shapes

Now I love to re-purpose my favorites by using them as photography props as well as a distinctive, girly way to display bracelets.

I always get a lot of comments on both my jewelry AND the display.

~Jill Q
jQ jewelry designs


Beautiful bottles – lovely display
by: Rena

What a great way to display bracelets for photographing, Jill! You have some gorgeous bottles in your collection. And their colors make a really nice backdrop for your bracelets.

I bet it’s fun to match up bracelets with bottles for your photos!

I’m sure the conversations sparked by the perfume bottles often lead to sales of your jewelry.

Thanks so much for sharing this neat way to share your collection while displaying your bracelets!

by: Peggy Forrest

Oh my word, Jill, this is a unique and gorgeous bracelet display idea. Your bottles are to die for… as are your bracelets! Thank you for sharing.

Great Idea!
by: Lisa

What a great idea, Jill! Love it. 🙂

by: Melinda Jernigan

Love your idea…it really compliments your design. It would be fun to search for old bottles and unique shapes. I have even used my front porch light to photograph a bracelet. Unexpected shapes for great results. Keep it up.

by: Jen

What an amazing idea to help contrast the different colors and shapes of the stones themselves! The jewelry practically leaps off the page! A very high end, professional look.

Great way to Recycle!!
by: Teresa

What a great idea to do with your old perfume bottles. Many times I have bought perfume for just the bottle design, instead of just putting the bottle in the cabinet I now have a new way to display all my bottles and my beautiful JQ Design Jewelry! Thanks Jill!!!

Another great Idea…
by: The Jeweler

A really great idea. Its not only great for jewelry displays. Its another way to capture the imagination of potential buyers.
A good one…

perfume bottles
by: htudor

Jill, love the beautiful perfume bottle display. I’ve collected antique bottles for several yrs and think I’ll try your idea — thanks!

excellent idea
by: southern starr designs

I have many displays stands for my jewelry but this made my bracelets really stand out & actually makes them look alot more expensive for some reason ! excellent idea thanks so much I am now using this always at my booth table !

Good Idea
by: Anonymous

You can use the bottle to market your jewelry with that too.
You can say soemthing like
” Guess what perfume is?? get a discount!

People love to share stories about their favorite perfume!!!

Thanks …
by: Jill Q

Thanks to all for your comments & additional ideas!

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