Best Time for Home Jewelry Parties?

by Stacey.
(United States)

I have been reading a lot of your posts on hosting home jewelry parties, and I’m almost ready to give it try myself.

Stacey: Best Time for Home Jewelry Parties? 1

I’ve been building inventory and making plans according to some of the great advice I’ve seen here. I’m thinking with Mother’s Day coming up soon, mid-April would be a good time to host my first one, and I’m going to hold it at my own home to simplify.

Stacey: Best Time for Home Jewelry Parties? 2

I am going to use open house format, so people can stop in and leave, or feel free to hang around – I will give some demonstrations and tips throughout, and offer to adjust or customize pieces when I can.

Stacey: Best Time for Home Jewelry Parties? 3

The one thing I am struggling with is timing. It is going to be baby and wedding shower season, so I think weekends will be very busy for people. I worry, though, that evenings are going to be just as busy with spring sports and other commitments for families.

How do you decide the best day of the week to hold your party?

Should I try to host two different ones, or would that be overkill?

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  1. Hello Stacey,
    I think at the end of the day you just need to test out different days because regardless, folks will always have something else to do. I would maybe do it around Fridays (payday). Possibly an after work party or on a Saturday and do a brunch get-together? Finally, I think hosting more than one is a good idea as you can use it as a comparison tool. Good luck! I love the purple set.

  2. Mary B. says:

    I used to live in Wisconsin until 2 years ago. I always had open houses on Saturdays between 1:00 and 4:00 like every 3 or 4 months apart. I would make something to give away as a door prize. If people bought some jewelry from me, I would have them fill out a form with their name, address and phone number. At the end of my open house, I would have someone draw a slip of paper and would usually end up calling that person to let them know they won the door prize. As the years went by I started selling more and more jewelry and always had a very good crowd. I also did open houses for people that wanted to have a jewelry party at their house. I usually gave the hostess 10% of the total sales from their party to buy jewelry from me. Had a great time doing this. Now I live in Tennessee and have too much going on to do this. Really miss it:-( Good luck to you, Stacey.

  3. Sue Shade says:

    Best of luck on your home jewelry party what ever day you chose. I have only done one at home jewelry party. I asked my adult daughter to invite her friends. We served wine and light hors d’oeuvres in mid-December. We only had 3 girls show up and each purchased several items. It was fun and contact building. I need to do this again soon.

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