Jewelry Party Inventory and Timing Questions

by Lydia.

question-mark-purple-on-tan-diagramMy sister and I are preparing for our first jewelry party. We make one-of-a-kind pieces, so it’s taken us a little while to build up our stock.

My first question is: How much jewelry inventory do we need for a party? Should we have a certain amount based on the number of party attendees? Right now we have between 40 and 50 pieces/sets.

My second question is: What is the best day and time of day for a party? (Weekends or weekdays, afternoons or evenings, etc.)

Any advice or comments on these subjects would be very helpful!

(Rena, my sister and I were so happy to find your website! Our home show is based mostly on what we’ve learned from you. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience!)



Jewelry Party Planning
by: Rena

Hi Lydia and sister!

Regarding when to hold your jewelry party:

First, I would check with your party hostess to see what days and times work best with her schedule.

For how much inventory you need:

Of course you want to have a nice selection for people to choose from. And (in addition to mid- and higher-priced items) it’s always a good idea to include pieces in all price ranges, including some low-priced impulse purchase items.

I hesitate to tell you a definite number of pieces to have on hand, because it’s always a guess as to how many people will attend the party, how much they’ll purchase, etc. – and I don’t want to have you buy supplies and make jewelry that you may or may not need for the party!

If you run low on jewelry at your party, you can always take jewelry orders to fill after the party (and be sure to have people pay in advance for the jewelry orders that will be filled afterward).

If you do want to take orders at the party, you may want to bring a small photo album, electronic photo frame, or other gadget that’s loaded up with photos of the jewelry pieces you’ve created. That way you’ll have jewelry design examples for people to shop from.

Or you could bring to the jewelry party some of your beads / cabochons / whatever supplies you work with, and people could choose from those for their orders to be filled. Also see Irene McIntosh’s great idea for a Wearable Color Chart bracelet that’s a sample of your various components.

Another thought is that since there are two of you to manage the party guests, you might want to consider making jewelry at the party if you run out of inventory, or if people want something different.

I hope this helps you with your jewelry party planning.

Thanks so much for your lovely feedback on the tips you’ve found here! It’s so nice to know how much they’ve helped you. :o)

Best of luck with your jewelry party! Let us know how it goes!

by: Cheryl Feyen

Having a substantial inventory is a key to having a successful party. I figure 10x for my parties and shows 10 times the amount I want to make for a show or 10x the number of expected guests. So if you are expecting 10 people at the party (especially if they will all be arriving at about the same time) then you need at least 100 pieces in varying price ranges. I have about 50-75 sets PLUS a full rack of 96 pairs or earrings PLUS 25-30 bracelets. I also bring trays of pendants that customers can choose from for a custom designed piece.

I’ve heard many compliments on the amount of inventory that I have and how disappointed they were at previous parties where there was hardly anything to choose from. They were hard pressed to find something they liked in their price range.

I also give each one a little basket when they arrive and tell them that these are all one-of-a-kind pieces and to put what they want in their basket as it may not be available later. Once it is in their basket it is harder for them to put it back – the “mine” thing.

Don’t skimp on the hostess gift. You can play that up when someone is drooling over an expensive piece. They can have it as 1/2 price or even free if they have a party. Here’s a link to my hostess rewards:

I am nerves
by: Barbara

My sister has been bugging me to
give a Jewelry party with my items
that I have and every time we talk about
It I get nerves. And tell her I well
thank about it. Please give me some ideals
how to over come this.
Thank you

Jewelry Party Nerves
by: Rena

Hi Barbara,

It’s completely natural to be nervous before a jewelry selling event, especially if it’s your first time! I almost missed my first jewelry event from a bad case of nerves that threatened to make me sick to my stomach that morning.

So you are absolutely not alone in feeling that way!

Most artists start out feeling uncomfortable about showing their creations to the public. After all, you’ve made your jewelry with your hands and heart, and it’s hard to “put it out there” for the public to see.

Also, if you’re a shy person (as I am) the thought of being in front of people makes the whole thing unnerving for an additional reason!

I encourage you to read these discussions about selling handmade jewelry for artists who are too nervous and/or shy to get started:

Overcoming Shyness in Selling Your Jewelry

I’m an Artist, Not a Social Butterfly

I Love Making Jewelry, but Just Nervous to Start a Business.

After your first jewelry party you will be surprised at what a nice experience you had there, compared to what you were dreading!

I encourage you to go for it even though it makes you nervous now. I hate to think where I’d be today if I had given in to my nerves, thrown up, and stayed home on the morning of my first jewelry show!

Maybe you could tell your sister how nervous you are about doing a party, and ask her to invite only the nicest people she knows.

Please let us know how you do – we’re all pulling for you, Barbara, and I know you can do it!

Thank you, Cheryl!
by: Rena

Cheryl, thanks so much for posting your tips above! Great information and very helpful guidelines for jewelry party preparation.

by: SterlingCrystal

Lydia, thankyou for asking your questions, and best of luck with your parties! As for the time of day, I think it depends on who you are targeting with your jewellery. If your customers are likely to be women who work, then perhaps a weekend. If they are stay at home mothers, then maybe a party during school hours would be the answer.

Cheryl, thanks so much for your answer. It was very helpful, and I especially like your suggestion with regards to the small baskets and one-of-a-kind pieces. Jewellery psychology at work!

Sam Ryder

You Ladies are all my Idols!
by: Angel

I just started trying to sell my beaded jewelry and not selling as much as I would like. I have to agree that the having a party thing scares me to death. I’m not a sells person but I know people that have sells experiance. I can’t pay them so I shy away from asking them to help me. If it were up to me (and it is because its my business) I would just stay with the production part of all this and have someone else to the paperwork and marketing.
I guess my question would be; how do I ask my friends to help me and let them know I will pay them once I start making a profit?
Also I don’t really know a lot of people so I do not have the cliental to even think about having a jewelry party. Some one please help me?
By the way thank you Rena of creating this site because I had no where else to go and no one to talk to.

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