Are Kraft Boxes Sturdy Enough for Shipping and Storing Jewelry?

by N.B.

Are Kraft Boxes Sturdy Enough for Shipping and Storing Jewelry? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Hello JMJ family, recently I regained the desire to start crafting jewelry again.

I am also thinking of selling it; and I was curious about packaging.

I read the post about packaging and branding and I noticed many of you use the Kraft box jewelry packaging and were very creative with them.

My thing is the durability of the boxes; do they ship well? I fear that they may get crushed during delivery.

Will they last long? Or did you go with the Kraft boxes, assuming that the customer will put their jewelry in a sturdier box?

I would hate to put jewelry in a box that will get messed up after two years, especially if the packaging is suppose to a part of my business image.

Thank You, for your time in advance.


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  1. I have used the jewelry boxes covered in kraft paper for several years. They are sturdy. I ship all over the world using them with bubble wrap and padded mailers. I have some in other colors, received with gifts, that I have had for years. Assuming that they don’t get very wet, they are a great option.

  2. N.B., I have been on both the sending side and the receiving side of jewelry mailed in Kraft boxes. I’ve never experienced any negative issues with this type of box. And I often receive jewelry or components packaged in Kraft boxes that have been decorated with stamping, decoupage, paint, and other ways of making the box beautified and unique!

  3. Thank You Mary and Rena, for your response. I was thinking of leatherette boxes, until I saw all of the lovely and creative ways the artist here used the Kraft boxes. I’m the type of person that keeps jewelry in the box it comes in. So if I received jewelry that came in a Kraft box, I would go out and buy the velvet box or leatherette box to put it; because I assumed that it wouldn’t hold up. I need to give Kraft boxes a try and test them out with my jewelry. Business-wise it would be more economical to use the Kraft boxes starting out. Thank You both again, Enjoy Your Summer.

  4. You’re very welcome, N.B.! Also, here’s a lovely example of a Kraft box decorated with decoupage, by Joan Williams:
    Victorian Flower Garden.

  5. Hi N.B. – The Kraft boxes themselves are decently sturdy, but they may get damaged in transit if you don’t ship them in a bubble mailer or a cardboard box.

    Out of a few hundred shipped Kraft boxes, I’ve had one get damaged in transit, which resulted in the product getting damaged as well. However, it’s possible there have been other incidences of box damage that customers haven’t told me about – possibly because the product was still intact when it got to them.

    For the one case that I definitely had, my customer purchased post earrings that I attached to one of those jewelry card inserts, so the earrings were sitting upright in the 1″ high box. When the bubble mailer got crushed, the box inside got crushed, and the posts got bent. After that incident, I’ve decided to only ship post earrings in sturdy USPS Priority Mail small boxes, or not use the jewelry card insert (so the earrings sit flat – that way if the box gets crushed, the posts are safe). Only a very tiny percentage of my orders include post earrings anyway, so this is not a big issue for me.

    Everything else goes in bubble mailers, and I know some of my customers continue to use their Kraft boxes for storage, even a year or two later. Hope this helps.

  6. Thank You, for your response Amna. What you experienced is what I was very concerned about; especially since in my area most of the postal workers are young (just graduated high school, type) they treat the mail any type of way, assuming they deliver to the right address.

  7. Thank You for the link to Joan’s site, Rena. Joan’s jewelry and box is very lovely, and very creative.

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