Anyone Familiar with this Online Storefront?

by Veronica.
(Manassas Park, Virginia USA)

question-mark-purple-on-tan-diagramI’ve been making jewelry for four years now without making a profit. I joined several craft websites without success. My Etsy shop has been open since 2009 and I haven’t had many sales but I still persist.

I received and unsolicited email (alarms, bells, whistles) from a site called Custom Made ( Does anyone know anything about this site? I figured I would give my self five years before I folded.

I have product (lanyards) a work in the gift shop where most of may sales come form. I’ve done many craft show and wine shows and just about any place you can put up a tent. Artfire was to expensive with not sales, Zibbet no sales, and now I’m thinking of joining Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Beadtiful Designs

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  1. Dear Veronica,
    I too received that email. I went to the website and it looked ok, but I didn’t join for now.
    Thanks for your question, I can’t wait to see if anyone subscribed and if so, how is it going?
    I’ll definitely check back here to see the posts.

  2. I am on custom made. I like it but it isn’t very user friendly, uploading your whole portfolio of work is very time consuming. However there are tons and tons of jewelry jobs listed but lots of people out there who make it, so you have to be on top of it. I’m not very good at that so I’ve kind of let my profile go and haven’t updated it. If you can keep up with it I think you should try it. But I have too much going on to deal with it as much as I would like. Also another problem I noticed is with corresponding with a customer. I had someone email me several times, went through a bunch of time and work only to have them decide not to use me for their custom work, I’ve never been turned down before but I almost always meet with the client in person. I found that very frustrating.

  3. I’m an etsy seller and have also been receiving emails from “Custom Made”. They must be trying to drum up business. I’ve decided not to pursue it because custom work requires so much more communication & effort.

  4. Not only have I received unsolicited e-mails from Custom Made, but even after I told them I wasn’t interested (after 3 such messages) they continue to bother me with multiple requests that I join their site.

    I didn’t see anything there with them that was so outstanding about their business concept which made me want to jump in. And now with their continued pressure I really don’t want anything to do with them.

  5. I also received several emails from them, and just ignored them. I am sure they are trying to drum up business and like another post on this blog, I am already spread really thin trying to keep up with Etsy, Ebay, my website, facebook, etc. Don’t give up on Etsy. I have been on there several years and it took a while to figure out how to get traffic and sales. I still sell more on Ebay overall but Etsy sales have steadily increased this year and I love all the help they give you.

  6. Danielle says:

    I have been selling on etsy since 2010 and have not sold a thing. I also had a ebay account and sold nothing on there

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