How Much to Start Up an Online Shop with Quality Inventory?

by Gail Taylor.

How Much to Start Up an Online Shop with Quality Inventory?  Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I will be going to my first gem / bead show in August 2016, as I have never been able to save any money because there are so many gorgeous things online, that I spend every penny I can find buying online.

I just moved to a boat and even though I am exhilarated to be on the water, my workshop took a huge cut in space.

I did manage to organize a space with my gems, tools, beads, wires, torches, you name it, it is in there; but I have to stop buying and start selling, I am getting pushed out of my work room.

My question is this: How much does it take to get started with a good amount of quality inventory?

I am going to reopen my shop with my new creations but I want to sell supplies from a second shop to try to make a larger profit, selling the overage I can’t use and buying quality gems for hand made jewelry.

I know this seems like a silly question but I am having a difficult time figuring this out.

Should I expect to pay what I pay online, or should I get better deals?

I don’t have a license to buy wholesale, but should I still expect to pay less than online?

Thanks for your answers ahead of time.

Gail Taylor

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