Brand New Etsy Shop – How Do I Get Sales?

by Christine.

Brand New Etsy Shop - How Do I Get Sales?

I am a newbie to jewelry making.

I got so excited about finally finding and learning about jewelry making that I have jumped in head first.

Though I have learned a lot in the 3 months of making jewelry, and have opened up a shop on Etsy, I have yet to sell an item.

I am so addicted to making jewelry and I would love to have my hobby become my full time job.

I personally have come to find that very small amount of successful people that I follow on Etsy have not been willing to help me or share in how to become a succeful seller on Etsy.

Everyday I log into my shop and see zero orders I get more and more discouraged.

I know that things take time and I have only been on Etsy for 2 weeks now but I don’t know what to do as for as how to promote my site or business. I would appreciate any advice.

Cierra Alicia Etsy Shop

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  • Hi Christine! For starters, these posts here on JMJ have insights that may help you (and be sure to read the comments below these posts):
    How to Get Found on Etsy
    Making 3000 Sales or More on Etsy.

    Also, the Etsy website has a lot of tips, techniques, and strategies for shop owners – you might want to spend some time each day reading up on those, and then implementing what you learn from them.

    Wishing you all the best with your new Etsy shop!

  • sue runyon says:

    Number one thing: GOOD PHOTOS!

  • Dawn says:

    We need a link to your Etsy shop so we can see your shop.

  • One of the best places to get more information about selling is on the Etsy forums. Everyone is incredibly helpful and many are willing to critique your shop.
    I’ve learned so much there and my shop has improved and grown along the way due to everyone’s advice.

    Good luck

  • Tracy says:

    Agree and double agree with what has been said about using Etsy resources. You have to learn how to take great photos, learn about how to get found on Etsy (titles, tags, SEO), create a brand, write an “About” page that grabs shopper’s attention, fill your shop and learn/use social media. Learning the Etsy platform is Very important and all available from Etsy – subscribe to the Success Newsletter and read back articles. It is a lot of work but worth it when those sales do begin. Most of my work comes from private sales and shows but I continue to work at Etsy and spend some time each day learning more about it. Work it everyday and best of luck to you!

  • Experienced and successful sellers on ETSY are often swamped with requests for help from new sellers like yourself. Most of them contribute by posting articles to the ETSY SELLER HANDBOOK and within the ETSY forums. Many others join special groups where the task of helping new folks can be shared by a larger community of sellers.

    One thing to keep in mind is that it takes time and effort to get noticed, particularly in the jewelry community which has hundreds of thousands of individual sellers and shops on ETSY along with all the other online selling venues open to individual artists.

    For example I opened my shop in 2008 and from then to the end of 2009 I only had 11 sales, all of which occurred in 2009. During 2010 I had 33 sales and during 2011 I had a little over 100 individual sales. While I worked at making new jewelry, improving my photos, crafting my branding and maintaining my full-time career I learned to be very very patient. You’ll need to stick to it, do a lot of research and reading, and try out new things until you find your niche market.

    Hold onto that dream of working for yourself, but understand that it will take years to become successful enough to quit the day job.
    Lady M

  • Pattye says:

    Hi Christine,
    Please feel encouraged and keep moving forward. Great info above! I’m always working on my photos and retaking some right now, tweeking titles and tag words, even though I’ve been on etsy since 2008. Explore doing local bazaars (schools and churches) and home shows, too. Rena’s books are truly the most helpful road map when going that direction!
    Wishing you the best, Pattye

  • Dianne says:

    Good photos are a must. Am I missing the link? If we could see your shop, we could offer better help. I have had an Etsy shop for over 7 years and it can get discouraging. It’s tough on Etsy with so many sellers. Do you have a business page on Facebook? You can link your Etsy shop to that so people can go there to purchase. At this point with all the changes over the years, I use Etsy more as a destination and use Facebook to promote and I have had much better success. To create nice Timeline and profile photos, I have just discovered, free, easy to use and formatted for different social media sites.
    More than anything, follow your passion no matter what it takes. Learn, grow and never, ever give up! Please give us a link so we can offer more.

  • Catherine Franz says:

    I’m a very positive person; however, also a very good business person and accountant (30 years) and I’ve found many individuals who sell on etsy discus how their sales grew over time. Which is fantastic. As a business person and accountant I would like to hear the who truth and not just one side. The whole truth to me would include how much the expenses were for those sales. Some individuals, many actually, don’t mention profit. If there aren’t enough sales and profit, including the time you are spending doing all the administrative tasks, is it really worth it? I generally say no.

    Now if you are doing this for fun, that’s cool. If you are doing this to make money, then it is about profit. Also I don’t hear any mention what their medium sale is. They could be selling jewelry for $20 medium sale or $120 or more for a medium sale.

    Time is the only thing we have that isn’t replaceable. Yes, there’s a learning curve; however, is the learning curve worth the possibility of making a profit? As an executive of 3 companies myself, I hire people who already have that knowledge and they kick the ball at the very beginning.

    These are other things you will want to think about. Again, if its a hobby, that’s all cool and you are having fun, that’s perfect. However, if you are really in business, you will want to think of the bottom line and calculate where your break even point it. Otherwise, take another route.

    I grew my jewelry business from myself 5 years to now 3 employees. My first year sales (not on the internet) was about $5,000 with a profit of $0 (only because I put the money back into my company for tools and education (my future investment). Every year afterwards I doubled then tripled my sales. Now I only sell at shows where my sales projections are around $10K a show. My medium price range started at $12 and is now at $30-$40. I make over 4,000+ earrings a year and sell 95% of them for a market price between $10 and $30. I also make necklaces. I don’t make bracelets because the sales isn’t there at my shows. And I have a production line (I make every earring too). My profit margin for a $10 earring is between $8 and $9, or approximately $6 after taxes and time expenses.

  • Hi again Christine, I’ve just added your Etsy shop link to your main post above. Also, it looks like you’ve made a sale there! πŸ™‚ Thank you for your lovely feedback on my book!

  • Christine says:

    @LeAllysonMeyer. Wow, I just took a look around your shop and your items are amazing!!!

  • Nancy Bailey says:

    Hi Christine, Your shop and jewelry are beautiful! I would like to let you know what has been good for us in our Etsy shop.
    1) Good photos are very important.
    2) Good descriptions including sizes.
    3) Good tags so people can find your shop.
    4) Be active on some good teams, and create treasuries, that has been great for us.
    5) Favorite and follow other seller’s items and shops
    It takes time, hard work and patience to become noticed on Etsy, especially with jewelry. Another good tip is create a niche for yourself…something unique that sets you apart from other jewelry artists. Good luck to you!

  • Christine says:

    Thank you Rena. My very first sale came the day after i posted my concerns. I had been doing some research of my own and found that some of the most successful sellers on Etsy didn’t get their first sales for 1 month, 4 months, and one seller didn’t get their first sale for 6 months. I was horrified and started to think how embarassed I would be to have spent all this money, time, and energy on something that no one wants but…then came my first sale and I felt a little better. I have a lot of work to do and a lot of learning so I will continue to read and research so that I may be successful in turning my hobby into my career. I am happy to be a part of this blog and this community.

  • Christine says:

    @NancyBailey. Thank you Nancy for taking the time out to critique my shop. and thank you for your kind words. I really do appreciate it. I will continue to work on bettering my shop and myself πŸ™‚

  • Please do not be discouraged after 2 weeks. It takes a long time.
    I have not seen your shop, but suggest that you start thinking about your niche in making jewelry. Once I decided on a niche of marketing beaded lanyards and id badge reels, my business started to grow.

    Then you need to think about who your ideal customer is. That way you can market to them in the way you write your descriptions. Also, you can use Facebook and Twitter for that. My Etsy shop now has almost 2000 sales, but it has taken a long time.

    I find it to be fun to make and market my jewelry.
    My Etsy shop is at

    Thanks for asking about this.

  • Dianne says:

    The first thing that hit me was that there are no detailed descriptions, nothing making me feel like I want to own the piece. Take a look around at some other jewelry shops and get a feel for different ways of describing your items.

  • Christine says:

    Hello Everyone this is Christine.
    I was so happy to see and read everyone’s comments, advice, and tips on how I can improve my shop and sales on Etsy. I purchased Rena’s ebook on how to sell
    your jewelry online and I am very impressed. I haven’t even gotten half way through and have found so many useful tips so far. Thank you Rena, your book is very insightful and amazing. I appreciate everyone taking the time out to offer their advice and I really will take note of everyone’s advice. I don’t have a professional photography set up just yet so I have to make do with my android phone but I am working on it because I know that awesome photos are a big key in getting sales. I also don’t have a particular niche yet but I was thinking of making elegant yet affordable pet collars. I still have a lot of learning to do with my etsy shop and how the etsy community works. My jewelry ranges anywhere from $9 to $55.

  • Carol Burton says:

    I have a shop on Etsy. I started a shop in 2013, with one item. I took a year off, and produced a CD, which I am selling on Etsy. Now, I am getting serious about selling my items. I am still waiting for my first sale. Meanwhile, I am going on the Forums and asking questions. I have also joined several Teams. I am really learning from the SEO teams. I read every article I think will help me. I go and look at other shops, regarding photos, policies, etc. I’m having a great time maneuvering through Etsy, and discovering how to succeed. I’m learning all the time. New items are being added all the time. My goal is 100 items on Etsy, someday. Try to look at your shop as an adventure. I wish you success with your new shop!

  • Hi Christine,
    I looked at your shop, and your jewelry is very pretty. You mentioned that you only have your smartphone to take pictures. You might want to watch the video that Etsy did on Monday about taking photos of your jewelry with a smartphone. I watched it. It covers general information for photos and some information for smart phones. Here is the link to the Online Labs video.

  • Christine says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I wanted to let you all know that just from being on Rena’s blog, I signed in to my shop and to my surprise I had over 264 views. I didn’t get any sales but for someone who has never gotten more than 10 a day this was pretty exciting to me. I took some advice and went in to work on my shop even more. There is not much I can do about detailed photos right now because I only have my android phone to take pictures but I wanted to say thanks to all who viewed my shop and offered me advice and tips:)

  • Melissa says:

    Just a couple quick tips on taking pictures with a smartphone. I use mine to take photos of my jewellery for my facebook page. I only take photos of my pieces when there is natural daylight and take them in my front room that has a large window. This helps a ton! Also, choose a neutral backdrop that complements all of your work and keep it consistent. Download a free picture editing app as well.

  • Christine says:

    Thanks for the great tips Melissa

  • Kathy Zee says:

    Cierra, I looked at your website and maybe the reason you are not getting many sales is most of your items are bracelets only, and I find that I don’t sell many bracelets for some reason. Also in ready the Etsy manual, (I am new on Etsy too) Only had 13 sales since May. But I have been told that you have to have over 100 items to even get noticed. So I have been adding items and trying to put one in every day. Has to do with the SEO and getting noticed. Your jewelry is beautiful. Good luck to you.

  • Jean BH says:

    As a newbie, all of the information here is very important to me. Thanks everyone for the valuable tips. The main point I am learning is that there is a lot of work to do to promote my business. Posting my photos is the easy part. The good news is I have a lot of patience and energy to make this venture successful. Again thank you. Also a big thank you to Rena for providing a forum for us to learn from each other.

  • Katrina says:

    I just opened my ETSY shop about three weeks ago, and two weeks in I made a sale. These are the things that I do everyday.
    – Take good pictures, have a few pictures of your various jewelry pieces so that the online potential customer can see the product from various angles
    – Give good customer service. If a customer asks a question answer as soon as possible, and be honest about the product (like if a customer asks if you used sterling silver ear hooks, if you used silver plated ear hooks be honest and say that)
    – Promote your Etsy site using Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. If people like your jewelry they will respond by going to your site.

    Those are the things that I do everyday to promote my shop and to do my best to drive potential customers to my shop so that I’ll get more sales.

    So far getting a sale two weeks in is a good start!

  • What type of shows do you sell at?

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