A Great Find During My Vacation in Peru

by Barbara Jacquin.
(South of France)

Rough Opal from Peru - Barbara Jacquin  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Rough opal from Peru

I knew there were beautiful opals in Peru and I set out to find some while on a vacation trip there.

Surprise! Not many opals to be had by tourists.

However, I did happen onto a market seller with a few pieces and I immediately fell in love with this lovely green rough piece, warts and all!

Back home in France I found a stone cutter who agreed to cut it into a usable cab.

Peruvian Opal Pendant by Barbara Jacquin  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Peruvian Opal Pendant

As I watched the inches fall away while he worked on my lovely piece, the stone revealed its charms.

I think the end result is absolutely beautiful, thanks to Mother Nature!

Barbara Jacquin
Barbara’s Bijoux

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  1. What a gorgeous stone and colors, Barbara – I see why you chose it! In its rough form it looks to me like a glacier on a body of water. Now that the stone is cut and set in a pendant, do people ask what kind of stone it is? And was it hard to decide how it should be cut?

  2. Colleen says:

    Wow, what a beautiful find! Love what you did with it.
    I found a beauty in Florida at a craft fair of all places. It’s in the raw, but the colors are amazing. It was in a bowl of uncut raw pieces of gem stones. When I paid for it the woman had a funny look on her face and I asked what was the matter. Her response, wow, I didn’t see that one in there! She still let me have it!!!! It’s still in my stash waiting for the right inspirational moment.

  3. That stone is a beauty and the simplicity of your setting works really well! Nice find!

  4. Thanks for your comments, everybody. Well, some days we just get lucky…especially finding stones.

    When the cutter began, we weren’t too optimistic that he could salvage something and were afraid the whole thing would just crumble. But I think an oval or round shape for a fragile stone like opal helps stabilize it.

    I did have to convince people some opals really can look like this since Peruvian opals aren’t seen around here. And in Peru I saw opals in delicate shades of blue and pink (check out my dawanda pages for more).

    Now I wish for more of the same. Good luck!

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