What Are Your Favorite Gemstones?

by Brie.

What Are Your Favorite Gemstones?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

First I want to say how amazing JMJ has been for me, I’ve learned so much from everyone.

I love how positive and encouraging everyone is, on every post.

Okay, now on to my question:

What are your favorite types / kinds of beads and gemstones?

I’ve been working with the same stones over and over, and I’d like to find other kinds of stones to play around with.

My favorites are:

Amethyst, Tigereye, Jade, Mother of Pearl, and Jasper.

I’d love to hear what all of yours are!


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  • Mary Morris says:

    I love so many. I tend to like the blues and greens best, but amazonite, Peruvian opal and crazy lace agate are today’s favorites.

  • Mary Ann Kidd says:

    Rose quartz and unikite are my best sellers. I also like to work with turquoise, but real turquoise can be pricey.

  • What a fun question, Brie – thanks for asking, and thanks for your lovely thoughts about JMJ!

    Peridot, any turquoise / aqua colored stone, lemon chrysoprase, moonstone.
    Also think of stones and beads that provide contrast or a “pop” of color – perhaps black, red, or one of your favorite colors.
    And I also like beads and components made from non-stone materials, such as glass, shell, sea glass.
    I’m really enjoying high-quality acrylic or lucite beads. They come in some gorgeous, bright colors and many shapes and sizes. And they aren’t as heavy as gemstones.

  • Audrey says:

    My favorites are Rainbow fluorite and apricot agate.

  • Jane Jennings says:

    I love carnelian for its warm reds and oranges, lapis or blue-dyed sodalite which is great with jeans and casual wear, and chacedoney for the heavenly blues. Also iridescent gray labradorite goes great with a lot of things (esp black and gray). I usually use silver as my metal. Here are a few combinations I like:
    Lapis and turquoise (both turquoise and green) with silver for a western look.
    Red coral, garnet, orange carnelian with silver accents. This goes great with both bright red, deep red, maroon, and orange outfits.
    Red coral, turquoise, carnelian, with silver AND copper accents.
    I did a silver charm bracelet of “clear” stones: amethyst, chacedoney, peridot, amber, orange carnelian, lighter colored iolite, green fluorite, kyanite. The clearness and lighter colors of the stones unifies them, and being multi-colored, it goes with many different styles and colors of clothing.

  • Colleen says:

    I love just about everything! Go to favs are, turquoise, amazonite, carnelian. Love color, but have had fun with black & white marble too. Have fun and experiment with everything you can get your hands on!

  • Dianne says:

    I really like all the agates and jaspers, most of all the autumn colors.

  • Margaret says:

    I go through phases, although I have never let go of my love affair with black tourmaline. I love turquoise, amethyst, and lapis. Recently, I’ve been sticking crystal quartz chips in lots of things. Several years back, I went through an amazonite phase, which led to greens (I have a whole box of amazonite, aventurine, peridot, and various other green stones).

  • Definitely moonstone and labradorite, as anyone can see from my collection. Hard to choose!

  • Christine Yuss says:

    I LOVE the color purple so amethyst is my go to stone and I especially love chevron amethyst for all it’s patterns. Next is larimar. I love how a quality piece can look like a painting of white puffy clouds against a pale blue sky.

  • Brie says:

    Thank you all so much for sharing your suggestions! I absolutly love the color combinations you shared!
    Rena, thank you for the tip about other materials that aren’t so weighty.
    I will definitely be looking into the stones you all sujested!

  • Carol Burton says:

    I prefer the raw, natural stones to wrap. I love working with Malachite. It is a popular stone with other people. Azurite is a beautiful stone, with sparkling blue and the green of Malachite. People love the rose quartz jewelry I make. Blue stones like Crysocolla, Amazonite or Blue Lace Agate are always fun to work with and make beautiful jewelry.

  • Stephanie says:

    I love Labrodite! I cut and polish my own stones and recently I found a love, its called Midnight Lace! This is a Mahogany and Obsidian stone that has clear areas with wisps of Obsidian in it. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Suzan Rothstein says:

    Hi Brie, I’m really loving carnelian and my latest peice is made with amazonite and it goes with everything. Happy jewelry making and don’t leave out lapis!!

  • Maria Sharrow says:

    I love labradorite! It’s by far my favorite stone, I adore the flash and color shift. I also enjoy working with kyanite, druzy, black tourmaline, citrine, opal and any rough or freeform stone.

  • I have three that I adore. Chrome Diopside is the top one of the three. It has such a rich deep green color to it and is more emerald to me than any actual emerald. I’ll warn you ahead of time genuine Chrome diopside does not come cheaply but it has a richness of color and gorgeous clarity that makes it irresistible to me.

    My second favorite is Oregon sunstone the glittering copper schiller in it just makes me smile every time. Plus the copper in sunstone will never tarnish it stays bright as a new penny the life of the stone.

    My third favorite is rainbow moonstone. It’s another of the plagioclase feldspars like labradorite but the best of the moonstones are a translucent white sometimes even fully clear with blue fire that flashes with every movement. (Sigh)

  • Cat says:

    Hi Brie!

    My all-time favorite is Turquoise, but like you, I use a lot of Jasper. Recently, I’ve begun to really get into agates…there are so many beautiful colors and striations with agate, especially geodes.

    Just do some surfing on eBay with keywords like Chohua, Picture and Picasso Jasper, Dragon Veins, geode druzy… you’ll be amazed at what’s out there! Good luck and happy beading!


  • I think my favorite stone is Prehnite. It has a warm inner glow and a soft spring green color that always gets to me. You really have to purchase good quality stones to get that glow. I also love Kyanite and Aquamarine, especially the mixed colors in some strands.

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