Wrapping Your Tools to Protect Your Wire

by Sheila Davis.

Wrapping Your Tools to Protect Your Wire, by Sheila Davis  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I read this tip in a bead magazine and wanted to share it.

If you don’t have a pair of nylon jaw pliers just wrap painters tape around the jaws of your tool to keep from marring your wire.

Sheila Davis
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Great tip
by: Rena

Thank you for posting this helpful tip, Sheila!

Excellent idea for reducing plier-marks on wire and other metals.

(For anyone who may not have heard of painter’s tape, it’s the blue masking tape available in the house-paint section of hardware / home improvement / paint stores.)

If any sticky tape residue remains on the tool when you remove the tape, you can wipe the residue away easily with a dab of WD-40, citrus-based cleaner, or olive oil on a paper towel.

Also, I love the gorgeous bracelet you posted above, Sheila! :o)

by: Anonymous

Thank you Rena:)

Ditto on Painter’s Tape!
by: Pam

This blue tape is the best thing since sliced bread! It is not only easy to get off, but generally seems to leave very little residue. I too, like to use it on my plier jaws, and if extra “padding” is needed, I have even used two layers. Whatever minimal residue is left will generally come off with a fingernail.

I also use this tape to do wire wrapping projects, secure the ends of multiple lengths of wire, etc. Oh, also, if I am using round nosed pliers, and want my loops to be the same size, I put a little piece of blue tape around the plier nose in the desired position. Sharpie can be used for this too, but the blue tape won’t wipe off the metal like the Sharpie sometimes does.

Great tip
by: Colleen

Great tip using the painters tap on my pliers!! Thanks! Money saver too. Can’t wait to try it out on my copper and sterling projects.

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