Wire Weaving – Wire Keeps Breaking

by Judy.
(Colby, Kansas)

Wire Weaving - Wire Keeps Breaking  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

My weaving wire keeps breaking.

How can I prevent it from breaking while I wrap?

Thank you.

The Bursting Jewel
Judy Bontjes

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  • Hi, Judy, In general, if you let your wire kink it will break. You could be pulling too hard and wrapping too tightly. Ease off a bit on the tension. Also depends on what type of wire you’re using. There are countless beginner classes and online tutorials that cover the type, hardness or temper and quality of wire to use — as well as what to avoid. Easier to answer the question if you tell us what wire you are using, and add a photo of where it’s breaking.

  • Linda says:

    Hi Judy
    I have found that if you put your weaving wire on a bobbin, it is less likely to kink. I purchased the kumihimo plastic bobbins on-line through either Bead Smith or Beadalon. This sure saves a lot time also.

  • Hallo Judy, be very gentle with your wire, make curls when you manipulate it rather then fold. The more you work with a wire the more it hardens en the more it hardens, the faster it breaks. If you weave wrong and you start over with the same wire it becomes allready hard, if you now reuse the wire, it’s possible it brakes. You can put your finger in the wire and help it to go between the other wires in the form of a loop which you make smaller and smaller so it doesn’t kink and doesn’t brake. Hope it helpes!

  • shiny says:

    Hi Judy. Wire breaks when it has suffered too much stress. It hardens a bit every time you touch it. Be careful not to pull it with your pliers, and place it where you want it instead of pulling it. Also, relax your beginner’s death grip so you aren’t holding and pull the wire too tightly. Work on your tension, which requires a lot of practice, and there are numerous videos on youtube that can teach you how to hold and move your wire. It’s a learning process.

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