What Kind of Long Silver Chain Won’t Tarnish?

by Angie Pinion Kelley

What Kind of Long Silver Chain Won't Tarnish?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

What silver chain would you recommend for a long necklace with a pendant that won’t tarnish?

Thank you.

Angie Pinion Kelley

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  • Alysen says:

    I would either go with Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish or Silver Plated base metal. Also Silver Filled is also a plated metal, but with many more layers and more resistant than Silver Plated.

  • Michelle says:

    I started using stainless steel or gun metal for almost all my pieces. I found any real silver or silver alloy didn’t hold up over time or was constantly in need of cleaning..

  • I use either stainless steel or aluminum chain. I choose the chrome colored aluminum instead of the bright silver as I dislike the bright silver aluminum.

  • Jackie says:

    Argentium silver doesn’t tarnish and holds its shine beautifully
    , but it is more expensive. Thai silver (99.9% silver) tarnishes very little, and only needs a swipe with a cleaning cloth or lemon juice occasionally. Any other type of silver or sterling, solid, plated or filled, will eventually tarnish. Aluminum or stainless steel work, if the customer doesn’t mind them.

  • Carol W says:

    I agree with Jackie. Argentium silver is a little more pricey than sterling, but truly “outshines” the other types.

  • Katie says:

    I too, agree with Jackie…..Argentium silver is a great way to go. Rio Grande has a large selection with good prices and is easy to find and order from. They also have great discounts for larger purchases. Rhodium plated sterling silver also works fairly well. The plating gives the sterling that bright shining appearance and keeps it from tarnishing but it should be noted that as with all plating it wears off over time.

    If stored properly, sterling should not tarnish that easily or quickly….a bit of care goes a long way. Never store sterling near a moist location (no bathrooms or kitchens) or in a humid environment. Moisture in the air is the biggest culprit. Wiping your piece with a soft cloth after use is a quick and easy way to get rid of skin secretions and any makeup or perfume that has accrued on the jewelry. If the piece is seasonal or any time you won’t be wearing it for a while, wipe down before putting it away and store in a zip top bag made for that purpose with a tarnish strip.

  • Mimi Anto says:

    I use 304 Stainless steel for almost 100% of my pendants. Even the copper ones as I find it hard to source good quality solid raw copper chains. The beauty of stainless is it will never tarnish!

  • Argentium is a great option. If you have tarnished items, SpeedBrite makes a great ionic cleaner that removes it without risk to metal etching like others. It’s also safe on all stones, including pearls.

  • Rob says:

    Where are good places to get this kind of silver necklace

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