Unusual Jewelry and Rocks and Buttons

by Linda.
(in a Pennsylvania Town)

Unusual Jewelry and Rocks and Buttons by Linda  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Unique porcupine quills, leather, dart ends necklace

I became disabled years ago. I used to make things for my mom who died 20 years ago from breast cancer.

My sister convinced me to start making things again.

Old key, cameo, rhinestone necklace

My Vtmoriginals on etsy is dedicated to my mom. I use rocks, buttons, porcupine quills, nuts, washers, and just plain junk.

The quills I got from a dead road kill. I inserted them in dart ends &strung them on braided leather cord.

Unusual Jewelry and Rocks and Buttons by Linda  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Odd pendants with unique old buttons

The keys are 3 old ones on old beads with rhine & cameos.

Then we have a group of old buttons which one is hooked to an old slave bracelet.

Unusual Jewelry and Rocks and Buttons by Linda  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Collection of strange wire wrapped rocks plus button on compact pendant

The rest are on settings. One has a snowflake in center and one is mother of pearl rose, and then we have just common rocks I wire wrapped & strung them on old chains I had.

Also in the rock pick is huge green mother of pearl button on my old compact mirror top.


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  • Charlotte Kennedy says:

    You make beautiful jewelry, Mom. I’m glad you’re finally getting some recognition for it.

  • Linda, your jewelry is such a fantastic example of re-purposing found and vintage items. Your jewelry is unique, and a lovely way to give these items a second life. With your creative vision you turn ordinary objects into extraordinary jewelry.

  • delinda says:

    Thank you so much Rena for liking my things. I’m disabled now and I quit making things when my mother died. She was my inspiration. It’s been 20 yrs since I made anything. My sister pushed me to make things again. My hope is that someone sees my things and backs me. It’s an honor that you featured my things. I have alot more and my dream is to share my things with others. I hope my idol Ellen Degeneres sees my things. Thanks again for featuring my jewelry. I wish I could send u more pics. People need to see touch my jewelry. I’m on etsy and a lot of people have looked at our items and liked them but only two sales. My sister also crochets around buttons and brooches. It’s dedicated to my mother who passed away from breast cancer. I just want people to enjoy wearing our things. I even have a pendant made from rattlesnake rattles. And gear washers, tambourine taps, nuts, shark teeth and unusual buttons and designs. Rena, you made my day! Thanks again. Linda

  • linda says:

    Thank you Charlotte for your comment. you made my day too!

  • Karen Escalera says:

    Sometimes it takes someone else to help us realize our potential. I”m also disabled and have recently regained my legal rights back after 12 years of mental health issues now 60. Part of my difficulty was my family gave me little to lots of negative support. My church family has been instrumental in convincing me that I should sell my crafts. Due to my independent status, I am finally able to venture into selling, which has been a dream of mine for many decades.

    Being disabled doesn’t mean being incapable.

  • Karen, I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better, and that you’ve got a supportive group now. Wishing you every joy and success in your jewelry business!

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