Travels and Sea Glass

by Jean Forman.
(Lucky Sea Glass Jewelry)

I have found a way to combine my love of travel with my passion for creating jewelry with sea glass I find worldwide.

Alaskan sea glass and turquoise, by Jean Forman  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

On many previous trips, my fellow passengers have admired my designs and have wanted to buy items from me, so I have learned to bring a selection when I travel.

But, this past summer and in March-April 2016, I had an even more interesting experiences, being a guest lecturer about sea glass on three different cruises in Alaska and Australia and having trunk shows with my jewelry.

My fellow passengers enjoyed learning about sea glass and seeing my designs. Many of them even started hunting for sea glass during our ship excursions!

Others bought my designs that included Alaskan sea glass after the trip was over for a special souvenir.

Alaskan blue sea glass with gold wire crochet, by Jean Forman  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I am just now starting to create with the sea glass I found in Australia!

I am looking forward to being a guest lecturer again in the future. I love talking about sea glass and showing my jewelry designs.

And, it is an easy and fun way to sell my creations in person!

Jean Forman
Lucky Sea Glass
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  • Jean, first of all your sea glass and wire jewelry is gorgeous! I love how your wirework adds elegance but the overall design still feels organic, as though it was designed by the sea. And second – brilliant way to share your love and knowledge of sea glass, and then sell your creations / create custom jewelry for your fellow travelers! I’m so happy for you finding this clever way to combine the things you love.

  • Jean Forman says:

    Thank you, Rena! Your newsletter is so informative and I appreciate your kind remarks!

  • Darlene says:

    Love your work and thanks for sharing your story. Rena, great job as usual.

  • Lorelei56 says:

    How awesome that you get to sell your lovely jewelry to help finance your travel adventures! How do you negotiate all the myriad taxes, business licenses, etc. requirements of all those different areas?

  • Jean Forman says:

    Lorelai56. Thank you . Since we are at sea when I give my talks, I don’t come under jurisdictions.

  • Lorelei56 says:

    I learn so much from this site! Thank you, Jean and Rena!

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