Tornado Spins Out

by Susan.
(Pensacola, Florida USA)

Tornado on Black

This my 2nd in the series on serious weather. (See the first piece here.) When I knew I wanted to follow the hurricane piece with one completely hand forged in copper representing a tornado I really had to think about what I’d use as the template for the funnel and focal portion of what would be an asymmetrical piece. After a few unsuccessful tries I settled on this, a huge kitchen knife.

Cuts like a Knife


For me the knife really represents the tornado both in shape and in feel…. the knife cuts with precision through what ever.

The tornado does the same thing slicking through a field, town or neighborhood with knife-like precision leaving one side of a street completely in tact and the other completely devastated.

I’m not one for too much stock in amulets or talismen but hope this homage to the forces of nature affirming a power much greater than ourselves will help ward off the tornadoes that might strike in your life.

Camille’s Quest

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