Soft & Strong: Ribbons and Pearls

by Kristal Jensen.
(Rural Alberta, Canada)

Soft & Strong

This is my first time loading something on here. I love looking at everything on here, as well as everyone’s beautiful creations. So I thought that I would share one of mine too. I hope you enjoy.

This is one of my favorite pieces that I have created. I love triing to find a way to use everyday things in a new way. So when I saw this flower ( which is a pony tail ) I wondered how can I use that for a necklace. I wanted the piece to be really classy looking, so I added the black satin ribbon so that it stayed balanced.

I needed a place for the clasp, so it is connected to the ribbon, because I didn`t want to see it. Then I added the 3 strands so that it had some sparkle.

Kristal Jensen
Uniquely Kristal

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