Source of Staedtler CD R Pens – for Etching Metal?

by Christine Sekino.
(San Francisco)

Source of Staedtler CD R Pens - for Etching Metal?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I can’t find the Staedtler CD R Pens on Amazon. Could they be marked in a different way? And are they permanent or not?


Christine Sekino
Simple Metal

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  • Deb says:

    Dick Blick has them! You can also try oil based Sharpies/available at Hobby Lobby or Michaels

  • Barbara Jacquin says:

    Deb, I bought Staedtler pens marked pigment liner 0.l “indelible, waterproof on paper, lightfast” from Blick in San Diego this summer. Would they work for etching? I don’t know if they are oil based but they are fine line. thanks. Barbara

  • Nikki Gustman says:

    Are these what you are looking for? I’m not sure what the letters stand for in your question.

  • Alysen says:

    I’ve successfully used Deco Color Acrylic Paint Pens that I got from Dick Blick online. I’ve only etched on Copper. I would get the 4 sizes, PLUS the Paint Remover pen. Haven’t had any experience with staedtler, vinyl stickers, staz on rubber stamp ink. I’ve only tried Nail polish in a small spot that worked, Sharpies came off in places but that produces a nice organic texture too.

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