Selling Jewelry Pieces You’re Wearing: What’s “Best Practice”?

by Jackie Davidson.

How to Sell Jewelry Pieces You're Wearing  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

When you are doing a jewelry home party (or any show, for that matter), do you wear pieces from your inventory?

Or do you wear from your personal pieces of your own work?

What if someone wants to buy what you are wearing?

How do you handle it; for example, how do you quote a price for something that seemingly is a piece you made for yourself?

Jackie Davidson

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  • Sarah S. says:

    Just my opinion, but you should always know the value of everything you make, even if you don’t plan to sell it. If you are wearing a piece you are not willing to part with, but that someone loves – you can offer to recreate it and quote them the price – cause you know what the one you are wearing would sell for.

    If the piece contains something you can’t recreate – a special bead or focal you just can’t get more of – or even a found object that is special to you – let the interested person know that it is one of a kind and not for sale, but offer to work with them to create a unique item that has a similar feel. Again, because you know the value of yours, you can at least give an approx. price.

    If you absolutely cannot recreate anything even close to the piece, let them know that too… and then direct them to things in your inventory that they might like instead – “Unfortunately, this is a personal piece and not for sale, however if you like this, I have some earrings over here I know you will LOVE!”

    That last one also works if you are wearing something by another artist and someone wants to buy it off of you!

  • Cindy C says:

    I have sold more things from off my body that I’m wearing at shows. I used to wear my “personal stash” at the show, but then found too many people liking what I was wearing. If I really wanted to keep the piece, I over priced it and if they really wanted it they would buy it. So you have to be prepared to part with it, or don’t wear it to a show!

    Seeing your jewelry on YOU also helps sell because they actually see how it looks on. It’s easier to see when it is away from all your other jewelry. They actually have a sense of the size when it is on you as opposed to being on the table or neck stand. And remember it is at their eye level. They usually look at you when you speak so it is right there.

    I suggest always wear what is on your table so that you CAN part with it. And as a hint, I trade pieces out while I’m at the show. I change out about every hour or two when I’m not busy. You never know when the right piece will be “shown”. My motto which I tell all my customers “Everything is for sale, I am just the model.”

    Keep your favorites to wear to work, parties or other daily functions.
    Cindy C

  • Beth Brown-Rinella says:

    I think you should ALWAYS wear pieces that are for sale! It allows the customers to see how wearable and pretty your designs are in a real way. I also choose bolder pieces because I find many women are shy about bigger or bolder and wearing one shows how it doesn’t overpower me, but enhances me. I will let people know that I’m modeling the jewelry, this can start a conversation about my work, my love of stones, designs etc… One day I wore a personal piece and a very good customer of mine adored it! I told her it wasn’t for sale and then felt guilted into selling it to her–boy do I regret that! I knew I could re-create it, but should have offerred to make her another instead of parting with mine.
    Good luck and hope this helps!

  • Cory says:

    I over price what I would rather not sell…I once sold a bracelets I was wearing on an airplane. I casually said $600.00 never thinking that the person would say ok, she gave me cash…..I gave up the bracelet.

  • Christina Batiste says:

    Thank you for giving me some creative inspiration today. I sure needed it.

  • Jackie Davidson says:

    Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful comments/advice! I truly appreciate and consider all of your words of wisdom.

  • nidhi says:

    I suggest wear only those pieces what you want to sell . coz if someone eyes on what u r wearing and which is exceptionally beautiful but not sellable he/she may not want to settle for another piece or even may not like another one .

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