Haggling with Jewelry Customers

by Marilyn Cardinal.

Haggling with Jewelry Customers by Marilyn Cardinal

I tell the customer I love negotiating.

I then up the price of the item by an equal amount to the requested reduction.

The customer chuckles and either buys the item or, wanders off.

This lets the customer know that you know your value, and the item will be purchased by someone else at the listed price.

Often, people haggle as a form of entertainment, or to exercise their need for ‘power over’ another.

If I have a customer who buys a fair amount, I often reduce the price at the till.

I keep the option of ‘goodwill’ up to me, and the customer sees this as a surprise bonus.

There are customers who buy often, and at times I give them a reduced price, but only when I know I am can still be looking after myself and my business.

Marilyn Cardinal

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