My Hands R Full

by Gale Wilson-Broady.

My Hands R Full by Gale Wilson-Broady  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

2nd Purpose Jewelry

“My Hands R Full” became my anthem.

The sounds of determination and courage.

My Hands R Full by Gale Wilson-Broady  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Wrapped Tight

Determine to create something within the day with my hands.

The courage to push through the pain.

My Hands R Full by Gale Wilson-Broady  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Putty Pour Pallet

A survivor of accidents and illness.

Creating with my hands feels like peace.

Gale Wilson-Broady
Adaya210 LLC

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  • Thank you for this moment may who ever reads this article may they too have great success in there jewelry making quest.

  • Gale, I enjoyed seeing your fascinating variety of jewelry techniques here. You make lovely things with your determination and creativity.

  • Hello Gale,
    What an awesome journey you have chosen by creating while battling an illness. I understand the journey Gale as I am in a similar boat and you speak of “peace”. I smile because I would be broke if I had to pay for medical therapy vs. creating jewelry (smile). Creating jewelry has been my savior in Grace. Keep on creating and stay positive Gale.

  • Katie VanPatten says:

    Hi Gale –

    As someone who has struggled with an autoimmune disease and recently had a fifth kidney transplant, I can truly appreciate your “my hands r full” motto. Despite being Disabled, I believe that struggling with an illness from a young age has helped me to live my life more intentionally and faithfully to myself. If I had never been ill, I would most likely still be working twelve hours a day, seven days a week as a mechanical engineer in an assembly plant. Instead, I spend my days listening to music, loving my family, volunteering and creating beautiful artworks that bring joy to other people. Thus, I am fully grateful for every day and every moment. Some days are harder than others but “Peace” is always the goal.

  • K. Chris says:

    I am glad I’m not the only one who is struggling with lifelong chronic illness and finds jewelry making and crafting therapeutic. Have any of you found tips and tricks to help on days where you have hand, wrist or back pain? I struggle with organization and forgetting the creative ideas that I have one day and are gone the next!

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