Malachite and Crystals Gold Bracelet

by Norma Iris Vega.
(Yonkers, New York)

Malachite and Crystals Gold Bracelet by Norma Iris Vega  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I love this bracelet! I like calling them “cha-cha” bracelets.

They are so much fun to make! In the past, I have made them mostly with crystals, but now I find that they are even prettier with genuine stones.

I love malachite! And when I decided to use gold, instead of my usual silver, I found it popped even more. I also added Austrian glass crystals.

They dance from a gold plated chain. It’s such a fun bracelet!

Norma Iris Vega
Artful Gems

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  • Fabulous cha-cha bracelet, Norma! I can almost hear the beads clacking cheerfully together. The malachite color is pretty, too. I like the description: “they dance from a gold plated chain”. Cha-cha-cha!

  • Beautiful bracelet.

  • Rita Muller says:

    Stunning Norma! I too, love malachite and it does pop well with gold and copper also. Thank you for sharing.

  • Love the name you’ve given to your bracelet! And yes, Malachite is such a beautiful gemstone …

  • Helen says:

    Gorgeous bracelet, Norma. It’s such a fun way to use semi-precious stones & chips. I’m going to make one with turquoise.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful design!

  • Linda Lohraff says:

    This is so beautiful! The malachite is gorgeous and I agree that the gold looks amazing with it. Cha cha bracelets are so fun too. Thank you for sharing it!

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