How to Prevent Beads from Turning Face Down on Bracelets?

by Heather.
(New York)

How to Prevent Beads from Turning Face Down on Bracelets?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I am trying to make a stretchy bracelet with 4 accent beads that I don’t want to spin.

How do I get them to stay face up?

Thanks for your help!


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  • Katie VanPatten says:

    Heather –

    I’ve never made stretchy bracelets but I do make memory wire bracelets. If I need a bead orientated in a specific direction for example, a floral bracelet with leaves pointing in opposite directions, I use E-6000, which takes time to set up or I use an epoxy which also takes time to set up. Usually, for these pieces, I have everything ready on a large table and glue all of the pieces into place at one time. I then wait for at least twenty four hours and then continue the pieces. I don’t know if this would work with stretchy cord or not and I don’t recommend using a superglue type material, although it would be a time saver. Superglue doesn’t react well in water (it can wash off over time) or in cold temperatures (it gets brittle and breaks).

  • Heather, This problem is one that occurs when creating a stretch bracelet. It will take some investigating to come up with a solution. Following is what I would do.

    Check the size of elastic, (too loose or too snug)Does it go through the bead hole nicely. Not too loose or too tight.?

    What size bead (smaller or Larger looks best)?
    A spacer bead will help keep the focal in place.

    Are the beads crowding each other?

    The length of elastic will help in determining these questions. Good Luck.

  • Teresa Rusk says:

    You might have to experiment a little. First thing that popped in to my head was maybe tying a loose knot in the cord where the bead needs to go. Apply a touch of glue to the knot and slip the bead over. I would think the knot would hold the bead in place. Best of luck!

  • Mary Anne says:

    How do you glue inside the bead holes without it becoming a horrible mess? I have had no luck with this method. I tried putting e6000 in the bead holes, iron the wire/cord. Either way it squooshes out of the holes, creating a gloppy mess, and not even working to keep beads from turning.

  • Mary Anne says:

    Does not work for me with the huge beads I always use. I am now assuming I have to crochet the beads with a “ chain” stitch in order to hold them in place.

  • Jean Foggo Simon says:

    I tie my cord as follows: right over left once, then tie left over right twice, pull as tight as necessary. Then, I use a dot of glue on the knot and slip it inside the last bead in my project. It dries inside the bead and stays in place. This works for beads, of course, that have a similar size opening to the size of the knot.

  • Carol Cone says:

    Some bead types just do not work well in stretch bracelets and memory wire.
    You can fuss and finagle all you want but over a very short period of time all the tricks lose their helping ability.
    When designing these types of bracelets you need to choose the type and size of beads that are going to work well. I.e., doesn’t matter if they spin…lol. Keep playing around with it. As you can see, you got responses for methods you have already tried and failed.
    Good luck and all best.

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