How to Go from Mish-Mash Making, to More Cohesive Jewelry?

by Andrea.
(Kalamazoo, Mi)

Hi all,

Thanks for all the advice, insight, stories, highs and woes. Hearing from and about all of you really makes me feel less alone.

Earrings on Andrea's "reclaimed hanging thing"  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Earrings on my “reclaimed” hanging thing

That probably set off some alarm bells and pangs of recognition from some of you, so I will share that I have debilitating anxiety, depression, and chronic illness.

I am also a recovering alcoholic, and I just celebrated four years sober! (But for the grace of God…)

I am writing today to ask how you all went from having a bunch of jewelry (and maybe “crafts”) to having a line, or at least a somewhat connected grouping of items.

Necklaces and pendants by Andrea  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Necklaces & pendants

I know this has been covered in various ways, but I remain at a loss.

I started this whole jewelry journey because I wanted to make more affordable recovery, awareness, and motivational products than what the big companies sell.

I started out planning to solder, but ended up with a (still unused soldering iron, and shortly after mini torch) and metal stamping materials.

Bracelets by Andrea  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal


One of my biggest struggles is self doubt and overwhelm.

I find myself on Etsy looking at others’ art and telling myself no matter what I do it has been done better than I could do it.

So I decide I need something else. (Luckily I’m very frugal otherwise.)

At this point I have pendant trays with glass cabochons, metal, a sizzix, too many charms, a bunch of beads, a bunch of vintage items, shrinky dinks, organza ribbon necklaces, chain, memory wire, clay, magnets, coasters… and a typewriter.

I know, right?

Serenity necklace by Andrea  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I enjoy making these!

I have made some of all the different stuff but can’t seem to figure out how to land on one thing.

And once I do, what do I do with all the extraneous stuff that is taking over the house?

I know “do what I love” is probably the best advice… but what do you do when you don’t know?

And how do you decide what can go with what as a “line”?

Does that mean Any earrings?

Or any beaded things?

Where does wire fit in?

What if playing with clay is my current favorite, but I have a bazillion beads? (And a typewriter! 😉

I’m hoping to do my first craft show in July, but it’s a garage sale and craft sale at the local expo center.

Otherwise the expo shows are booked for jewelry until next year!

Any help with anything is deeply appreciated.


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