How Long Should a Wrap Bracelet Be?

Jaika J Klein.

How Long Should a Wrap Bracelet Be?

My grown daughter asked me to make a bracelet that is a long strand, wrapped around her wrist about 8 times, using tiny beads.

Not sure how to measure for that.

She doesn’t want me to make it stretchy or to make it with a clasp.

Thank you.

Jaika J Klein

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  • Lisa says:

    Why not use memory wire, you can just cut it at 8 loops and string your beads on that. No stretch to it and no clasp, just turn the ends into a small loop.

  • Hi Jaika, is the bracelet going to be wire or cord? To measure how long the bracelet should be, you could have your daughter hold out her arm while you wrap a cloth measuring tape around and around her wrist to simulate the wrap bracelet. If the bracelet will be a cord and closed by tying it, be sure to include include enough inches to make the knot.

  • Lisa S. says:


    My daughter wanted a wrap bracelet for her wedding…I made her one of the wrap bracelets with the beads woven between strands of Greek leather cord…it closes nicely with the leather loop over a button on the opposite end… 5 wraps….its a lovely bracelet. I love Rena’s thought for measuring for the wraps. It’s brilliant!!

    Lisa S.

  • Thanks, Lisa S. 🙂 Your daughter’s bracelet sounds lovely, and so nice that she can continue to wear it after the wedding.

  • I make wrap bracelets, if the beads are smaller than 4mm, I would take her wrist measurement, add half an inch and multiply that by 8. You need to consider how you are making the start and end too. I do leather wraps so I have to factor in 4″ extra for my (leather) to make the knots to close it. So, for a 6″ wrist, add 1/2 inch to get the final length of the bracelet, but when cutting the base material (leather, cotton or wire), make sure to add extra for the closure etc…

  • Rose says:

    I have one made with hematite beads. They stick to each other magnetically.

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