Girls’ Birthday Bracelet Beading Party

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Birthday Bracelet Beading Parties, by Rena Klingenberg - Jewelry Making Journal

A birthday bracelet beading party for girls age 5 and up is guaranteed to be a big hit.

Most girls are thrilled with the opportunity to make jewelry, and parents appreciate that you’re providing both the party favors (the bracelets the girls make to take home) and the party activity (making the bracelets).

This is one girl’s bracelet from a beading party I did:

How I Discovered
This Beading Party Niche

I discovered this home party niche by accident a few years ago when I was asked if I could do a jewelry make-and-take craft at a 9-year-old girl’s birthday party.

The girl’s mom and I decided on gemstone bead bracelets because necklaces would be too expensive, and not everyone has pierced ears for earrings.

So I came to the birthday party with all the necessary supplies for making bracelets.

I brought my bead boxes, bead boards for everyone, a tape measure for measuring wrists, accuflex beading wire, little sterling silver toggle clasps, velvet pouches for everyone, and a couple of example bracelets.

I couldn’t believe what a huge hit this beading party was!

The girls absolutely devoured the project and were thrilled to have real pearls and gemstones on their bracelets.

Now I get calls regularly asking me to come do a bracelet birthday beading party for another girl.

And every time I do one, more parties get scheduled from it because the girls enjoy it so much.

Bracelet birthday parties are very easy to do, and they can also earn you a nice profit.

Bracelet Birthday Beading Party Tips by Rena Klingenberg

An example bracelet I showed to the jewelry making group.

Pricing Your Parties Profitably

Important Update:

The prices I noted here were current when I first wrote this article serveral years ago.

So please adjust your pricing for profitability at current prices of jewelry supplies!

At that time I charged $15 per girl for parties of 9 or fewer girls, and $14 per girl for beading parties of 10 or more.

I include a small velvet pouch for each girl to store her bracelet in.

I bring bead boxes that are organized by bead color – and as you might guess, pink and purple are DEFINITELY the most popular beads every time! Fortunately, rose quartz is very inexpensive! :o)

Blue beads are the next most popular color.

My birthday party beads at that time all cost me $6 or less per 16″ strand, and my average profit was around $10 to $12 per girl.


I found that creating and bringing individually packaged kits worked better for me, instead of bringing boxes of beads for the children to choose from. Kits are neater, easier, and faster.

It usually takes me about an hour to get things ready to go to the birthday beading party, drive there, and set up; about another hour to do the bracelet activity with the girls; and another hour to put everything away, chat, eat a piece of birthday cake, give out bracelet birthday party flyers and business cards, and then drive home.

Tips for Successful
Bracelet Birthday Parties

Birthday party activities are a very hot market niche, I’ve discovered, and I recommend trying it out if it sounds at all interesting to you. For a successful birthday bracelet beading party, the keys are to:

* enjoy kids,
* have a sense of fun,
* bring a lot of pink and purple beads (along with other colors), and
* wear comfortable clothes because you’ll likely be sitting on the floor.

At home, before I go to the party, I cut beading wire into 10″ pieces and attach each of these pieces to one end of a toggle clasp with a crimp bead as a sort of starter bracelet.

I always bring about 30% extra of these starter bracelets in case there are last minute guests – and also because sometimes other family members want to join the fun and bead a bracelet too!

At one party, the birthday girl’s dad joined in and made a bracelet for Grandma who had missed the party.

(Note: 10 inches is way more than most of the girls need, but some older girls do have very large wrists, and I don’t want to make anyone feel bad because her size is bigger than anyone else’s. So I give everyone a strand that’s the same long length, and there are no hurt feelings.)

Running the Actual Beading Activity

When I arrive at the birthday beading party location, I bring all my things into the party, asking the girls to help me (which they are thrilled to do!).

We take the lids off all the bead boxes and put them in the middle of the floor area where we’ll be working.

Usually the all the excited birthday party girls are oohing and aahing over the beads by this point.

Then I have the girls all sit in a circle on the floor around the bead boxes, and I pass around the bead boards and starter bracelets (the 10″ beading wires with one clasp end attached).

Also at this point I hand out the little velvet pouches for storing their finished bracelets; if I wait till the end of the activity, I always forget to give out the pouches.

While I’m passing these things out, I tell the group that they are jewelry designers today, and that they’re going to be working with genuine gemstones and pearls plus a sterling silver clasp.

I also mention that the bracelet they make today will be so beautiful that they will be proud to give it to their own daughter or granddaughter someday as a family heirloom.

Then I pass around my three example bracelets – each a very different design using completely different beads.

I tell them that they won’t be copying these designs, just learning something from them.

I explain, “One thing to think about as you create your bracelet is that the most interesting designs use contrasts. Contrasts can be shapes, colors, sizes, or other things. Can you see how these example bracelets use contrasts?”

Then I take back the the examples and measure everyone’s wrist with my tape measure. I show each girl where on her bead board her first and last beads will go to make the right length of bracelet.

Then I just help wherever help is needed till the girls are done.

While I’m helping the girls make their bracelets, they always want to know how I got into making jewelry.

So I tell them about how doing something I love turned me into an entrepreneur, that I build my own websites, and that I invent my own job for myself every day by following opportunities that come up and thinking creatively about things.

They’re inspired by that, and I’m glad to plant seeds for future entrepreneurs during the beading party!

As each girl finishes designing and stringing her creation, I try her bracelet on her wrist before finishing off the other end of the clasp. I want to be sure of a good, comfortable fit with just a little room to grow!

If the length isn’t quite right, I tell them how many beads they need to add or subtract.

When the length is just right, I finish off the other end of the clasp with a crimp bead, and fasten the beautiful new bracelet on the wrist of its excited designer.


Teenage girls and grownup girls love this type of party too!

The Fun Final Touch!

I always suggest to the birthday girl’s parents that they get a photo of all the newly braceleted wrists together, which everybody enjoys doing!

How to Schedule
Birthday Bracelet Beading Parties

Make Flyers

To reach the bracelet beading party niche, I recommend making a nice flyer with a few enticing bracelet photos, a photo showing a selection of cool beads (including some tempting pink and purple beads!), a brief party description, and your contact info.

I’ve learned that as much as possible, it’s best to operate the way established businesses do – collect payment up front for things.

However, because the final head count of people making bracelets isn’t certain until after the bracelet activity begins, it’s hard to collect payment up front. (Sometimes more or fewer girls than expected attend the party – and sometimes the adults or other relatives decide to make a bracelet too.)

But I’ve never had a problem with the birthday girl’s parents paying gladly at the end of the party. They appreciate the great activity / party favor, and that you provided a major part of the party!

Be sure to leave the parents with some of your beading birthday party flyers to share with other parents.

including tips for creating and distributing it.

Include a flyer for each birthday party guest to take home (most of the girls who are guests at one of my birthday beading parties want to have their own parties).

Also give the birthday girl’s parents half a dozen of your flyers, and ask if they wouldn’t mind sharing the flyers with anyone else they know who might be interested. They’re usually thrilled with the hugely successful (and easy) birthday party they’ve just hosted – and their word-of-mouth recommendation to their friends and co-workers (along with one of your flyers) is some of the best advertising you can get!

Other likely places to distribute birthday bracelet beading party flyers (with permission) include ballet / dance / gymnastics studios where girls take lessons; soccer / softball games; craft stores; and pottery painting stores.

Also inquire at your local public and private elementary schools about including your flyers in students’ weekly take-home folders. Many schools are happy to do this if you provide the flyer copies.

If you decide to try advertisements, aim for local publications that target parents or children. My ad in the school directory did well because it targeted families with children of the right age group.

Note: I am no longer available to do beading parties, but I hope that this post gives you all the necessary information for you to start hosting birthday beading parties as part of your jewelry business.

~ Rena

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