Does a Metal Necklace Tarnish Faster When It’s Hanging on a Metal Display?

by Michelle.

Does a Metal Necklace Tarnish Faster When It's Hanging on a Metal Display  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Does hanging necklaces on a metal “tree” cause them to tarnish quicker?

Metal on metal?

A box of earrings intermixed?

Thank you.


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  • Jenny says:

    I’ve had mixed experience with hanging jewelry on metal. Sometimes it tarnishes quite a bit, sometimes not at all, so I think it depends what kind of metal/alloys it’s made of. I hang my earrings from mesh stretched in embroidery hoops (which I made), and tarnishing really isn’t an issue (other than long-term with sterling silver, which is to be expected.) My necklaces I hang from wood or fabric-covered holders.

  • Mimi says:

    I would think that would depend on the type of metal. I use stainless and don’t have that issue. The few pieces where I mix copper chain with stainless the copper does patina.
    I believe since the chains are subject to the humidity/temperature/dirt of the surroundings they would indeed tarnish versus being in bags or on a person.

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