At What Point are You No Longer an Amateur Jewelry Artist?

by Liz.

At What Point are You No Longer an Amateur Jewelry Artist?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journalquestion-mark-white-on-turquoise-500x500-png

At what point are you no longer an amateur? A beginner?

So many of us are self-taught – and it’s not like there are really “credentials” for this.

It’s a question I wrestle with every day lately since I am launching, but at the same time feel like a fraud… My personality wants to be dead honest, but saying I am basically a newbie isn’t going to instill a lot of confidence in my online visitors!

And there are at least three parts to becoming a successful jewelry artist. 1) The Surge. That innate creativity/artisty/inspiration/drive to create. 2) The Skill. Which just takes practice and learning and time to see how things hold up.. And then 3) The Sell. You have so many great resources for doing shows on your site, but I’m jumping straight to online. And suddenly also need to be an expert photographer, copywriter, website designer etc. Oh and let’s not forget 4) The Official Business Side! Taxes and insurance and licenses and accounting and and and and….

I am somewhat babbling at you now, but where in all that do you move from hobbyist to professional? The first purchase? The first year you make significant profits? Or just the day you define yourself as a legitimate jewelry designer?

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