Another Use for Memory Wire

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, CA)

Another Use for Memory Wire by Nancy Vaughan  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Larger Necklace

I have some coated quartz crystals I wanted to use to make necklaces.

Unfortunately they were to heavy to string on beading wire. When I tried stringing them the crystals bunched up in a cluster. Not the look I wanted.

Plan B:

While I was going through my box of memory wire I discovered a novel solution for my problem…. sections of memory wire that were left over from making necklaces.

Another Use for Memory Wire by Nancy Vaughan  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Smaller Necklace

I did a trial run to see how the wire would hold these heavy crystals. Eureka!

I could get the points to fan out just the way I wanted. Problem solved!

I made a loop on one end, strung the points with tiny round silver beads in between then made a second loop on the other end.

Another Use for Memory Wire by Nancy Vaughan  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Both Necklaces and a Pendant made from 1 Crystal

I was so pleased with the results I made a second necklace with square crystal beads for spacers. The memory wire section was a shorter length on this one. All that was needed to finish the necklaces was to choose the chain and attach it.

Nancy Vaughan

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  • Nancy, what a great inspiration! And great to have a wire that won’t sag under the weight of those fabulous crystals – and you can make the necklace lay the way you want it to. It’s a much nicer look.

  • Betty Hill says:

    As usual Nancy you come up with some clever ideas that turn out beautiful creations.

  • Jean says:

    Thank you for this tip—I can avoid frustration.

  • Theresa Abell says:

    Nancy, that is pure inspirational genius! Everyone has pieces of memory wire….and yes, the weight makes me usually try to thread them on wire but memory wire keeps it’s “curl”….lovely! thank you!

  • Michele R Trappe says:

    Those crystals are beautiful! Great job at finding a solution.😊

  • Mary Dawn says:

    How wonderfully creative! They came out great. I’m going to try to remember this.

  • Nancy Vaughan says:

    Thanks for all of the nice comments everyone. Frustration can be the mother of invention or strange solutions.

  • Louise says:

    Beautiful and a very clever idea!!

  • I have had problems of sagging with my chainmail necklaces if they are too long and the chainmail mesh does not hold in tension. I have thought about doing something with wire on the top row of rings, but most wire I use will bend permanently. Using memory wire gives me ideas to explore. Thanks.

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