Acrylic Pour Skin Jewelry

by Colleen.
(Webster NY)

Acrylic Pour Skin Jewelry by Colleen  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Acrylic pour jewelry

I just discovered acrylic pour painting!

Wow this is as addictive as jewelry making.

When you do your pour, there is usually left over paint that has dripped on your work area. This dried paint is called “skin”.

Best work surface for skins for me, is laying down a sheet of aluminum foil or a dollar store aluminum cookie tray.

When the paint dries, it will peel right off the aluminum.

You can even do a pour just for the skins.

These skins can be cut out and placed in all sorts of glass covered bezels.

Pouring and acrylic pour jewelry can be found on google and a great site,

Elements by Design

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  • Colleen, these are all fascinating colors, and I can see that you could make endless colors and designs. And how fun to just play and experiment!

  • Michele C. says:

    Wow, Colleen! Now I have another way to play with paint! I purchased these bezels and have been making pendants with nail polish, embedding wire spirals, small flat crystals, and also experimenting with alcohol inks on aluminum foil and gluing these to the bezels. The results have been wonderful, and I can’t wait to play with acrylic skins next. Such fun and so addictive; I love it all.

  • Colleen says:

    YES, isn’t it fun Michele? I haven’t done the nail polish version yet, it it sounds like fun. Great idea adding all the other elements to the nail polish! Try doing an acrylic pour, talk about fun! I’ve done the alcohol ink on metals but not on canvas yet, that’s in my future. Have fun!! Would love to see your work.

  • Kim Beck says:

    Another great surface to do this on is a teflon sheet. Paint & glue peel right off. I have my work surface covered but you can get smaller sheets. It’s pretty inexpensive. Great for various things because it’s heat resistant too!!

  • I’ve done the same thing! Isn’t it fun to be able to use more than just what lands on the canvas!?

  • pat fraser says:

    Bula from Fiji! Yes I also just recently discovered acrylic pour painting and it is amazing how the paints form beautiful abstract designs. I used the skin to cover the empty masking tape and cellotape holders to make chunky bangles..turned out greaat…!.also used it to make recycled broken plastic fan blade pendants. Yours are really cute!

  • Amy Jenkins says:

    I really need to learn things about jewelry making…and paint pours and I guess pretty much everything..but I am determined!

  • Ruth says:

    Beautiful results from such an unusual media. I love the range of colours that are available in acrylics and might have to try this one day.

  • Amy, you have a wonderful journey of creativity ahead of you. 🙂

  • Kim, great tip! Thanks for sharing that.

  • dcc says:

    Very interesting, the “skins” or left over paint can be used for bezels. I will have to look the process up to properly do this, thanks.

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