Acrylic Pour Skin Jewelry

by Colleen.
(Webster NY)

Acrylic Pour Skin Jewelry by Colleen  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Acrylic pour jewelry

I just discovered acrylic pour painting!

Wow this is as addictive as jewelry making.

When you do your pour, there is usually left over paint that has dripped on your work area. This dried paint is called “skin”.

Best work surface for skins for me, is laying down a sheet of aluminum foil or a dollar store aluminum cookie tray.

When the paint dries, it will peel right off the aluminum.

You can even do a pour just for the skins.

These skins can be cut out and placed in all sorts of glass covered bezels.

Pouring and acrylic pour jewelry can be found on google and a great site,

Elements by Design

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