Working with Dominoes: Need Help Please

by Paloma.
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

question-mark-originalHello everybody!
I am new to this site and I am very impressed by all the a-maaaaaaaaaaa-zing jewelry you are all doing! So much inspiration and support.
So my question of the day is that I sat and started to ink some dominoes with distress inks (John Holtz) and just plain regular ink pads for stamping and they simply RE-FU-SE to dry??!!!

I even went at it with a hand embosser/heater but nooooooo sirree! Just won’t happen…

So I guess my question is anyone has has this problem? What you did? Is there a secret outhere I do not know? Thanks!

Also I really loved the domino art by Irene Rossi. Thanks Rena for this great and resourceful site!


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  1. artincognito says:

    Use alcohol inks.

  2. Irene Rossi says:

    Thanks, Paloma, for commenting on my domino jewelry. I used “StazOn” black ink to stamp the dominos and then sprayed w/Krylon crystal clear acylic coating. I hope this helps.

  3. What type of dominoes are you using? I have both black wooden ones, as well as hard cream coloured plastic/acrylic ones. The wood should take the ink well enough. If using heat won’t dry them, and the spray sealer doesn’t work, maybe try a different ink.

  4. To Paloma……Have you tried alcohol inks, as suggested above, they air dry and possibly the dominos are non porous and won’t accept just any inks. If you try them, there is also an alcohol blending solution to lighten the colors and also to remove the color if not pleasing. By Adirondack, Jim Holtz.

  5. I agree with the alcohol inks they work great on non-porous items. As stated above you can remove the ink with alcohol blending solution but regular rubbing alcohol is cheaper and does the same thing. I use it to blend colors on metals. Being alcohol based they dry quickly.
    You can also make your own alcohol inks using food coloring and alcohol or even Kool aide. Recipes are on Pinterest.

  6. carol kinloch says:

    Have you tried stamping on tissue paper with the inks you are using then sticking it to the domino with pva glue. A bit more work but gives quite nice results. Carol

  7. Lara K says:

    Staz-on & tsukineko (sp?) Tuxedo ink work great on slick surfaces. Also, alcohol inks as mentioned earlier are great to use on acrylic dominoes -and you can also use both together(try applying alcohol inks first, let dry, then use Staz-on to stamp your image on top!)

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