What is the Stone in My Ring?

by Chelsea Garner.

What Is the Stone in this Ring?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

My ring

I have this ring with a blue stone that has a bit of pink in it.

Can anyone please tell me what is the stone in this ring?

What Is the Stone in this Ring?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

What is this stone?

Chelsea Garner

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  1. Hi Chelsea, my guess is that the stone is some type of opal. I recommend that you do google image searches for “opal” and also for “blue opal” – and see if any of those images resemble your stone. I’d love to hear what others think this stone is! 🙂

  2. It could be an Andes opal (one of my favorites) but the blue I’m seeing is rather intense compared to ones I saw in Peru. It might be helpful to know if those are real diamonds and the metal, white gold or silver, etc since more expensive stones are set in more expensive metal mountings, generally. That might give us a clue about the stone.

  3. Cynthia Eastman says:

    Yes your ring is an Australian Opal. They have a wide range of colors. They are beautiful.

  4. Hi Chelsea,
    As soon as I saw the stone, I thought like Rena. It looks like a blue opal. It’s difficult to assess without seeing the actual stone. The other possibility I could suggest is azurite which also comes in those shades. An opal would have a transluscent quality which an azurite would not but it’s difficult to tell from the pictures.

  5. I also think opal but it’s hard to tell if it might be lab created or natural. I would take it to a professional jeweler. It could be worth quite a bit of money if each element is “real”. I have a piece I need to bring that I bought at my church’s resale shop. It may be SS & very fine turquoise. Or junk! But it’s still pretty❤

  6. Opal for sure as noted above. Could be a simulated opal I have a few of those from FireMountain. 🙂

  7. Looks like Opal to me also. Probably an opal doublet or triplet. If you can see the edge, it will have a black bottom which is usually Onyx or Obsidian. The top on a doublet is all Opal, but the top on a triplet is usually a crystal healing quartz and the actual opal is a thin sliver sandwiched between. Most jewelers won’t put an Opal in a ring unless it’s a triplet or the prongs are tall enough to protect the stone since Opal is fairly soft. By looks, I’d guess it’s a German or Australian opal triplet, but that’s just a guess. Another thing to check is the setting. Is it gold or sterling, well made or not? As a rule, expensive stones get put in expensive settings…usually but not always.

  8. It looks like a lab created opal. They are very popular and pretty.

  9. Carolyn Clark says:

    It looks like an Australian opal to me.they have some with incredible fire.

  10. Hard to see if simulated or not. If not then most likely an Australian Black Opal.

  11. It looks like an opal.

  12. its a lightning ridge opal i have been cutting and polishing these for years

  13. Looks like a lab opal to me. Price would be a good indicator. If real, it would have been a pricy ring.

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