by Barbara Herndon.
(Indianapolis, Indiana USA)

Luxurious, 80-inch rope from the White Line at

Luxurious, 80-inch rope from the White Line at

It’s a tiny little word, but when said with sincerity, it contains the very power of love.

I once received an actual Thank You card in the mail from a visitor to our city for making her comfortable in the restaurant where I served her table!

I will simply NEVER forget that!

A thank you for a purchase in a world where they throw your change at you at the conclusion of a sale speaks to your character.

I try always to convey a hearty Thanks for a person’s business.

They didn’t have to buy from me, but I sure do appreciate that they did!

If an online merchant includes a note of thanks or a follow up email, I WANT to do business with them again.

Barbara Herndon
Barbara Herndon Designer Jewelry


The power of one word
by: Rena

I so agree, Barbara – it’s so simple yet so powerful. It’s a word that has an astonishing impact on people.

Appreciating people sincerely gives them a glow that lasts for hours!

Thank you so much for sharing your story here!

white jewellery
by: Anonymous

Your collection is elegant and graceful. Keep on making beautiful pieces and you are so right about the power of a thank.

I was invited into an elementary school just to show the secretary there a few pairs of earrings.
In a matter of minutes, the school principal ended up buying two bracelets from me.

This was a totally unexpected sale. I noted down her address on the check she gave me and sent her a handwritten thank you the very next morning.


by: Anonymous

Thanks, Ladies!

by: Janet

Barbara, Thanks for the article. I always send my customers a hand written thank you card. Your jewelry is beautiful.

Thanks goes a long way
by: String of Beads – Sydney

With any online purchase people make from my website I’ve always sent out a little thankyou note with a simple pair of earrings that match in to what they’ve bought. It’s amazing the return business that I get from this simple little gesture that really only costs me an extra dollar.
It’s always the little things that people remember, especially when online purchasing and you’re not getting that face to face interaction with the buyer!!!
We all like a little bit of thanks!
Danielle 🙂

by: Barbie

Thanks Janet and Danielle! I like your idea of including the lagniappe with your thank you note. What a great gesture!

Use one of your marketing cards
by: Ann Nolen

A great reminder that it is always about giving good service sincerely!

I usually use one of my marketing postcards (the free offers from Vista Print!) when I mail out a purchase. I use the back of the postcard to send a hand-written thank you. It hopefully gets kept longer by my customer because of the nice photo of my jewelry on the postcard, or the sincere thanks written on the back.

…and I am very grateful that people buy from me so I can continue to do what I love so much. That is enough reason to thank them all in itself!


I totally agree
by: Lina

When people order over the interent ,I always send a thankyou card as well as a small gift. my customers love it and they refer friend to your website.
At christmas I gave offered each customer who bought something some chocolates as a thank you. I am seriuosly considering offering as a standard part of my customer service.
thanks for sharing.


by: Barbie

Ann – love the post card idea.
Lina – You need to be in the chocolate business!
Contact me for more details . . .

Good Idea
by: Garry

I have just opened up a new jewellery website ( and after reading these comments i think the idea of replying with a thankyou after a sale is a great way to cement a good relationship with your customers, i myself would think better of an ecommerce site with such a personel touch and i would buy again for sure.

Thanks Garry!
by: Barbie

Best wishes for your jewelry business. 😉

Thanks for the rminder
by: Graeme

Thanks for that reminder, as you say it costs so little for us to give a piece or a gem as a thank you, I will check what our staff are currently doing about this.

Thank you’s
by: Diana

I totally agree, When I get an order, first thing I do is send them a note to Thank them and let them know their item has been shipped or when it is being shipped. In their package, I send them a hand written thank you with a free handmade gift. I too usually send something that will match what they purchased from me. A pair of earrings or even a simple bracelet. I always invite them back and let them know how much their business is appreciated. It’s worked well for me so far. People love to be thought of. It doesn’t take long to just take a little care with your customers and it sure does pay off in the long run. Thanks for all the great comments everyone. Diana

Thanks everyone!
by: Anonymous

Thanks everyone! Hahaha!

I agree.
by: Arizonagirls

I also like and always include a thank you card for the order. It’s the polite thing to do if nothing else. Most of my orders have been from friends and I usually include an extra gift too. If I get any orders from someone I don’t know I’ll try to make sure I send a little extra as well =) I like this post now off to read more! =)

Thanks for sharing and taking the time to write it! =)

by: Adina

Thank you, for sharing! 🙂

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