Thanks, Rena

by Lurene Cornelius.
(Prague, Oklahoma)

Thanks, Rena!

Dear Rena,

I happened onto your site searching for an idea for making a necklace from beads one of my daughters bought. I make a lot of jewelry. I am 79, widowed, so have a lot of time to have so much fun creating and making jewelry.

I just want to say a big THANK YOU for your loving spirit and having these tutorials available for free. I live on a set, low income, so it is very inspiring to know that there are still people in the world who really care about others.

I am being so inspired by so many of your tutorials, and plan to make many of them. I have seventeen great grandchildren and am not able to go buy them presents for birthdays and Christmas, so I make things.

Lurene Cornelius

God has blessed me with many talents. I sing, sew, crochet, quilt, paint and do a lot of crafts, mainly jewelry making.

God bless you and yours,

Lurene Cornelius in Oklahoma

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  1. Thank you so much, Lurene, I’m overwhelmed at your lovely post. I’m thrilled to hear how much my tutorials have inspired you! Handmade gifts are always the best – you have lucky great-grandchildren! And how beautiful for you to have so many forms of creativity to enjoy.

  2. It’s so nice that you make jewelry for your family. Why don’t you post some of the things you have made on this site so we can all enjoy your designs? We would love to see them. I just turned 70 and love making new things too especially jewelry items.

  3. Catherine says:

    Lurene, I’m happy to see your post. That is a beautiful piece. Like you, I’m on a limited income. I spend a limited amount on beads and supplies each month, and it’s wonderful to create something from your heart to give to others. I’m 45 and just got on the Internet over a year ago, I still believe in and miss the simple things in life like making things with your hands, homeade cards,etc….anything you make, your family will cherish. Cathy…Eufaula.Ok

  4. JMJ is absolutely the best beading community on the net. Great resources, inspiration, tutorials and useful feedback. Nuff said.

  5. Lovely! I’d love tu access tutorial. Can anyone help?

  6. Thank you so much, Fran! I appreciate that you’ve been part of JMJ for so many years! 🙂

  7. Jan L., I think Lurene may be referring to the free jewelry tutorials section here on JMJ.

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