Selling Jewelry on the Beach

by Terri.
(Florida USA)


Top row: Quartz nugget necklace with removable shell pendant; Jasper and Swarovski anklet. Bottom row: Tahitian Love necklace; Crystal Garden earrings.

I live in Florida, right by the beach. I make and sell jewelry with one hand, due to a car accident in 1999. Rena published an article about it a couple of years ago – Jewelry Therapy – the Art of Beading with One Hand.

Anyway, while sitting on the beach, as I do everyday, I noticed a lot of women wearing ankle bracelets.

Now there is a store in the plaza by the beach, that sells the same “unique of a kind” jewelry made by “local Artists” which seems to be the key word around here.

My town has a lot of tourists year round from all over the United States. The beach is usually crowded, so I thought “Hmmm” – I could sell my jewelry here on the beach, I am usually doing a project anyway while sitting there relaxing, enjoying the sun.

One day I decided to lay down a towel and “show” some of my anklets. I use only gemstones, and Swarovski crystals, which really shine in the sunlight.

People have come up to me to see how I was doing this “one handed.”

Well, with my beautiful anklets spread there in the sand, I sell about 5 pieces a day, with prices that are lower than in the store.

I hand out my cards too so people can e-mail me if they want a special color or or gemstone. So there are many people from all over the United States wearing my jewelry.

Who knows? One day I may become a famous designer.

Happy Beading

Terri Jacoby


I love it!
by: Sue Arkwright

Oh, that is such a good idea and bless your heart for continuing to do what you love with just one hand! Good job!

Sue Arkwright
Arkwright Designs

The hows
by: susan

This is a great idea, and I live near a tourist beach. I was just wondering if you had to apply for a peddler’s license or anything to do this. have any police or lifeguards bothered you with this? I would love to try this.

On The Beach
by: Terri

I have not had any problems with selling my jewelry on the beach. I do not know if you need a peddlers licience. All I am doing is sitting there beading. If need be, I would gladly get a peddlers licience, but so far, no one has bothered me.

by: paula

your pieces are gorgeous. and your story is inspiring. as a tourist, you are exactly the kind of local vendor that i hope to find on the beach. good luck this season!

by: Ashley

Hi Terri,
I am a therapist in Boston with a SCI pt. who presents with one handed weakness. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how you make your jewelry with one hand as this is something she is interested in when she goes home. I couldn’t find your contact information! Thank you!

Ashley – making jewelry with one hand
by: Rena

Hi Ashley,

You may want to see this page:

Tools for a Person with Difficulty Using Hand

There I’ve shared some very affordable gadgets that can help with holding, gripping, and other tasks involved in making jewelry. Other jewelry artists have kindly shared their tips and ideas on that page as well.

I hope this helps, and I wish your patient much success and joy in creating jewelry. We’ve often discussed here how therapeutic it is to make jewelry – and I hope it helps your patient find healing.
could you please show me

by: Cladette

Dear Terri,
Wow! you are such a inspiration to me. I have had a stroke about a year ago, I use to be in jewelry making, and I would love to get back in it again, but the stroke has left me paralyzed on the right side, my hand and arm does not work, and I can only walk with a brace and a cane.
Can you show me how please?

God Bless

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  1. I see this forum is about jewelry and disabilities. Well, I have a couple Fibromyalgia and Scoliosis which is a struggle daily. I make my own jewelry and also restore or add to Vintage and Antique jewelry pieces. I live in Rhode Island and need to find out how to make a Fibromyalgia and Artists fund and group possible and not a clue how to even start any suggestions??

  2. Christine,
    You may have better luck finding help with your particular question over at the Physically Challenged Artists Support Group on facebook.

    They got started with a group of jewelry artists from the JMJ community and I’m sure they’d be happy to share any insights they have on how to set up that fund.

    Alicia Rivera
    JMJ Content & Social Media Specialist

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