Jewelry Therapy: The Art of Beading with One Hand

by Terri Jacoby.

Bracelet by Terri Jacoby.

Bracelet by Terri Jacoby.

Jewelry artist Terri Jacoby shares how beading became part of her road to recovery:

Early in 1998, I was in a horrific car accident.

I had lost the use of my limbs by an “incomplete spinal cord damage”.

Turquoise Dusterearrings by Terri Jacoby.

Turquoise Duster
earrings by Terri Jacoby.

Many months went by, and while I was in rehab, I slowly gained back my legs and the use of just one hand.

But I was housebound, as my husband had to work, and I couldn’t drive anymore. I needed a hobby.

Well, one day we went by a bead store – and I was immediately hooked.

At first all I could make were simple stick earrings, but still I was proud of them.

Later I started making a little more intricate pieces, but it was the satisfaction that hooked me – it was satisfying that I could do something.

I just want to tell anyone who is housebound: Try beading. There is no greater satisfaction in the world than to hear the words,

“You Made That?”

Plus it keeps your mind occupied so you don’t dwell on your problems.

Thank you, and God bless.

Terri Jacoby’s jewelry line is created with the use of only one hand, making her products truly unique and her labor much more intensive.

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