Practicing Wire Wrapping Cab Pendants

by Zoraida.
(Patchogue, New York, USA)

My favorite. A large Labradorite and copper pendant

I’ve been practicing wrapping cabs for pendants. This is relatively new for me since I usually create entire necklaces but I think I need to work on wire wrapping cabs by themselves.

Hematite and stainless steel

My favorite of these is the large Labradorite pendant in the center followed by the Hematite with stainless steel on the upper left.

Rustic wrap. Don’t know what this stone is

I think I’m getting better (?) I’m not sure what to do with these just yet – perhaps string them on a cord. One of the yellow Calcite pendants will probably become a necklace, maybe…

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  1. robin randall says:

    please do you have instruction on how to wire wrap stones to use as pendants.

  2. Zoraida, I LOVE your unique wire wraps. They enhance the stones without smothering them, and it always feels very organic. Thank you so much for sharing these fantastic examples of wire pendants! 🙂

    I think the rectangular stone at the bottom may be African Turquoise.

  3. Robin, here are some ideas for wire-wrapping stones for pendants:

    How to Make Pendant – super easy wire pendant tutorial for stones with a hole drilled through the front.

    Can I Cheat on Wire Shapes – the comments below the post have lots of insights about wire-wrapping pendants.

    How to Wire Wrap an Arrowhead – you could also use this idea for wrapping other types of stones.

    Wire Wrapped Pendants – in the comments below the post, people have shared a variety of ideas and resources for wire wrapping pendants quickly and easily.

    I hope this helps, Robin – and we’d love to see your pendants! 🙂

  4. Love seeing your learning process, Zoraida. I’m a sucker for anything labradorite, but the yellow calcite pendants are quite nice.

  5. You are so talented, Zoraida! I love to see your beautiful work. Do you have any advice for wire wrapping a round beach stone for a bracelet?? A client asked me to wrap a stone for her teenage son to wear and I have been practicing with copper to no avail…my problem is how to get it to lay flat with a bail on each end that doesn’t overwhelm the stone. It is to be attached with leather cord. Thanks!

  6. I’m so glad to see so many ways to wrap a stone. I have done a few in the past that I have been happy with. So many times I put off wrapping a stone thinking it won’t turn out well…it’s like I’m afraid to just jump in and get started. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. From the photo of the unnamed stone, I’d guess it’s kambaba (a jasper). These are very pretty pendants! (I, too, wrap stones and teach the basics of it in my home.)

  8. Zoraida, I love waiting to see what you will create!! You have beautiful, unique jewelry and your designs are inspiring!!

  9. These are all gorgeous! Check out they make very nice high quality leather cord in every size and color you could want, and without the use of harsh toxic chemicals 🙂 perfect for pendants!

  10. Great pendants! Your work is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Zoraida ~ I LOVE your work, whether it be wire-wrapped cabs, hammered stackable bracelets, wired bracelets or whole necklaces you’ve designed. You keep the creative juices flowing in yourself & are an encouragement to do the same for those of us who follow your work. Kudos!

  12. Tina at CreatedWithFire Studios says:

    I love them all but the large Labradorite and copper pendant really caught my eye, love your twist ( pun intended) on your bails !

  13. Great work! What type of wire do you use to wrap these pendants?

  14. I just want to say that I really LOVE your work. Copper is my favorite wire and I like seeing what you do with it.

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