Picture Perfect – Photographing Jewelry

by Annie Laughton.

Photographing a Wire Pendant by Annie Laughton  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Wire-Woven Coral Teardrop Pendant

When selling my pieces online, the photos are the most important thing to grab the buyer’s attention.

After investing in a photocube and good camera, I began to improve my photos exponentially.

The addition of the rock is for two reasons – one it is something to lean the pendants on rather than photographing them flat, and two – it gives some sort of size reference.

Most of my pictures have this same rock in them and so a large pendant overshadows the rock and a small one is lower than the top.

Photographing a Wire Pendant by Annie Laughton  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Back of Wire-Woven Coral Pendant

This gives my customers a handy reference point.

This one is a reasonably large fossil coral stone wrapped in copper.

Love how the simplicity does not overshadow the beautiful patterns in the rock.

Annie Laughton
Unique Rabbit Jewellery
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  1. Thanks for sharing this photography tip, Annie – I agree, it’s so important for people to know the sizes of jewelry online. What camera are you using? Also, I love your wire-woven setting for this fossil coral – how the straight and angular wire design contrasts with the circular coral pattern!

  2. *Gorgeous* wireworking, Annie!!

  3. While it is a good idea to use the same rock background, an item may show up individually from a Google search, and there would be no other items to use as a size reference.

    I get requests from folks who see my items on Pinterest, or Google, requesting details. In my Etsy shop, I like to include a photo with the item worn on wrist, finger, or neck, so they can visualize what size it is on the body. Measurements are difficult to visualize.

    And, I feel the same way when I shop Etsy, wanting to see the item, especially rings, with a photo of the actual size on the body.

    Your work is fabulous! Even the clasp is wonderful!

    Warmly from sunny Tucson, AZ,

    Virginia Vivier

  4. Love your wire work!

  5. Maureen and Mary Anne, thank you so much! I appreciate your kind thoughts on this tutorial. 🙂

  6. Just viewed your Facebook page. Awesome wire wrap work!

  7. Wow amazing and thoughtful! Great work!

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