Organization Issues

by Beth Therriault.
(Plainville, Connecticut USA)

jewelry artists using her tools to make a chainI have half of my finished basement set up as my work area.

I have a 2 year old that gets a hold of my supplies and I need a way to organize my tools and supplies where she won’t get a hold of everything but still have it where I can easily get at it.

Beth Therriault


by: Anonymous

We’ve got the same problem . He finished college over 20 years ago and still wants to rent a dumster everytime he visits 🙂
All seriousness aside … It’s the life of an artist

by: Laurie

I have two little boys and my studio is off their toy room. When we did my room, we didn’t put a door on so I just use a pressure mount gate to keep them out but still keep an eye on them and be able to chat and share in their play while I work. If this isn’t possible, maybe a shelf out of little ones reach, or something with drawers and child locks? That being said, I’ve always found that teaching my kids how to handle my things is easier then keeping them out of it! When I get new beads in, they help me organize them, they help me package up products and put earrings on cards and on my spinner. Mine are now 6 and 3yrs so this has been a WIP but I’m finding now that by letting them participate, its taken some of the mystery (and the draw) out of mommy’s “toys”. Good luck! It is so hard to balance babies and a home business, but very rewarding!

Sharing Your Stuff
by: Caron

Hi Beth. I have a now 7 year old stepson who has loved to help with the jewelry business since he was 4 years old. I store all my jewelry making supplies in a cabinet with 2″ drawers (, and I assigned one of the drawers to him and even put his name on it. He knows that he can only touch what is in his drawer. If he wants something else, he has to ask. He is not allowed to touch any of my tools and knows to ask for help. It has worked out wonderfully! He feels like it is not totally off-limits and he often makes things too. Hope this helps.

keep the kids out
by: Pauline

I love the ideas of getting the kids involved as young as possible but if you have a kid like my boy was as a wee toddler….. 😮 LOL
To keep him off the stereo, and the computer, etc (because he would have damaged them) we caged it all off. You can still be in the same room but the caged area, is a no go! Simple. The caged area might not look attractive but if you want beads where you left them last, then go for it. When the toddler gets a little more age appropriate then you can get them involved at the level you want, and remove all the barriers.
I can report that this method works just fine as my, now, 12 year old doesn’t require caged off areas. 🙂
Good luck!

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  1. I enjoyed reading the comments….the ideas given were great and the images conjured up were humorous!!! 🙂

  2. Hi!! I have 18 month old girl, and at first I was very frustrated with her touching my things. We share a room where she has her toys and the other half I have all my things. What I have done is I put all the dangerous things in the highest place where I can put them (wall,shelves) but still close to my table, than I give her some mardi gras necklaces Somebody gave me and I thought she’ll like them and she did, so I let her play with those while I am working.

  3. That’s a great idea, Arely! Your story reminded me of this older post here, by a mom with a 5-year-old son – and how she included him when she worked on her jewelry:
    Mixing Jewelry Business with Kids

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