Need Help with Air Dry Clay Techniques

by Aswathy.

Need Help with Air Dry Clay Techniques  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have just started making terracotta jewellery.

I am using air dry clay.

But my pendant becomes shapeless after the clay dries.

The pendant edges become curved after it dries.

Can anyone please suggest the best ways to avoid this?



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  1. Hi Aswathy, you might try drying your clay creations sandwiched between two smooth tiles, so the clay can’t start curling up.
    Also, if you Google “air dry clay techniques” you’ll find a ton of great tips and ideas.

  2. Don’t add any water to the clay and dry under a flat weight as Rena mentioned. Curling happens if it dries too quickly. I use this clay to make Ancient Amulets – chakra healing gemstone jewellery. 🙂

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