Need Display Ideas for Chokers

by Cindy.
(Amherst, Virginia, USA)

I’m just starting to make some of my chain mail designs as chokers, but don’t know how to display them.

Are there busts out there specifically for chokers?

Is there an EASY way to make one so that the customer would know the necklace is actually a choker, without having to have signage or having to be told?


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  1. I have no idea, but I’d love any insights on this one too. I have several new chokers and they just don’t drape the same way on a typical necklace bust.

  2. I design contemporary & ethnic chokers and use arcylic choker displays. Also, I put display long necklace (non chokers) on each side of the choker. That way it gives a impression that the middle necklace is actually shorter & a choker.

    I hope it helps.


  3. How about using the black velvet T bars? They would look nice with about half a dozen or more on each side. Or if you want to display them each individually, get the black velvet busts that lay down lower than the upright busts. Chain looks very nice against the black velvet.

  4. I struggled with this too. I found large vases worked well. You can layer a few chokers on one vase, depending on how much detail you want to display. I’ve also hung them on cork boards. But either way, it takes up more room per piece since you’ll want to show the front of the choker for best views.

  5. Yogy,
    Where did you find the choker displays?

  6. marlene strait says:

    Try The have a wide variety of jewelry items and very good prices.

  7. Brigitte says:

    There are several store display stores online that have a styrofoam head that has a really long neck for scarf displays but it would work wonderfully for chockers.

  8. Laura Castano says:

    I’ve used a fabric covered oatmeal canister, with small hooks and u pins inserted on the sides and back . If the pieces have primarily just one large focal I can drape the clasp ends over the side hooks which makes it easy for the buyer to take off the one they want to try on. I hook more elaborate pieces that are beaded or worked all the way to the clasp on the back.

  9. Try a velvet bolster pillow 🙂
    That’s what I came up with. It works great, looks great, and is light weight.

  10. I’ve also been trying to figure this out, there are some good ideas out there, I really like the bolster pillow one. One thing I was thinking is taking a piece of thick cardboard (choose your colour) and make a cone out of it, staple the back and trim the bottom corners (make it big enough so that the choker sits in the middle). You could then add a little pin at the top of the back to catch the necklace (on the staple side), so that the choker is a bit on an angle, higher at the back and comes down at the front. If your cone isn’t completely pointy, you could put something decorative in the top opening. A problem with this is you have to be careful not to wrinkle the cardboard and it uses up some table space.

  11. Elizabeth Nagel says:

    I sell the same type of necklaces. What works best for me is a small lampshade. The shape holds the necklace and several can be displayed on one lampshade. It is great to put the lampshades on a lazy-susan, or turntable, so customers can view lots of designs without taking up a whole table. I will be selling my creations to the general public at a craft show for Christmas, so I am hitting thrift stores for more small lampshades. Good Luck to all hand-crafters!

  12. D. Santucci says:

    Buy a roll of paper towels. Remove some of the paper towels to get it to the choker size you need (neck size). Cover the roll with a solid color fabric (I use a dark grey velvet) and poke the extra fabric into the holes on each end. No glue or pins required. Stand the roll up and WAHLA, Instant choker display and you can display several of them on one roll.

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