Butterfly Choker from a Repurposed Earring

by Kate Schwab.
(United States)

I received a gorgeous set of solid silver and turquoise earrings several years ago as a gift from a family friend who had been traveling in Mexico. Unfortunately, I wore them on a date one night and managed to lose one.

Repurposed butterfly choker by Kate at The Desiderio Gallery, Gifts by Design

It didn’t take me long to take the remaining earring apart and convert it into a simple pendant and chain, but found that since I’m allergic to silver I couldn’t have that much metal touching my skin all at once and decided, reluctantly, to work it into a more elaborate piece that I could either wear over a turtleneck or sell.

The resulting choker drapes to something of a swallowtail butterfly effect when worn and is composed of sterling silver, emerald adventurine, black onyx, turquoise and bamboo coral. Incidentally, it’s my first major attempt at integrating chain work and I’m rather pleased with the results.

Kate Schwab
Desiderio Gallery on Etsy Shop

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