Need a Budget-Friendly Display for Knotted Pearls

by Autumn Boutcher.
(United States)

I’ve found some really good tips and tricks on JMJ for displays and booths. Thanks everyone!

 ABoutcher: Need a Budget-Friendly Display for Knotted Pearls 1

I’ll be doing at least one show in November (maybe two). My problem is that I have knotted pearl and gemstone necklaces.

I need a way to display them without risking the integrity of the necklaces. Knotted cord (especially silk) is never meant to be stored/displayed by hanging it.

Maybe resting the best ones on a mirror or glass?

Maybe resting the best ones on a mirror or glass?

What not to do

What not to do

I only have the easel-type necklace displays, rather than the horizontal semi-bust. I have a micro-budget.

Any ideas? I’m thinking either laid flat of a reflective/semi-reflective surface, or draped over a crystal.

Autumn Boutcher
Caring Crystals
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  1. I found some nice trays in the candle section at Michaels that I use for pearls. They cost $4-6, but are less when you use coupons.

  2. Thanks Mary. The nearest Michael’s (or any craft store) is about an hour away. 🙁

  3. That is too bad, I don’t know if you can order them online. Maybe a local store that sells candles would have something similar. Also, a hardware store or glass shop may have mirror that you could use.

  4. I nice piece of fabric or a scarf will work nicely for photographs.

  5. Autumn, do you have a Walmart near by? They sell trays that look really nice especially since the holidays are approaching. I bought wooden ones a year or so ago. Or those plate thingies that are put under plates to make the table look more fancy (do you know what I’m talking about?) Or the trays you store and carry your jewelry in lined with black material. You could use felt which is really inexpensive and leaves the jewlery without distraction. I like your idea of reflective material. I think that would be great. Good luck at your show.

  6. Coasters and placemats are quite good to use, they come in good sizes for jewellery and you can lay them out where you want them. You can get slate, mirror, wood, etc. Then using a few boxes under the table cloth you could get some different height platforms / plinths.

  7. Cindi Bernloehr says:

    I have a long slim framed mirror that I use to put my “Spotlight” item on each show, and people always stop and check out that display no matter what item is on it. I also like to use long shallow dishes with white beans or rice as a base under the piece of jewelry displayed. I just don’t like having to “bag” up the beans after the show.

  8. I bought a box of mirror tiles at a home improvement store. I bought a box of six 12″ x 12″ tiles. Using a glass cutter, I cut these to fit the trays in which I usually display jewelry. I’ve found this to really make a difference when lighting is not what I hoped for.

  9. Wow, a lot of good ideas, thanks everyone! I think I may go with mirrors for the pearls, and set them on risers. The rest of the jewelry is easy enough, but pearls are tricky since they’re so delicate.

    Carol, I like the idea of mirror is in trays. I may do that in the future, it would take some definite planning.

  10. I bought several “silver” styled trays at The Dollar Tree, some oval, some rectangular, some round, and use these for displays, even use them for trays to work on. You can put a cloth or paper doily in the middle, I’ve even cut up dollar store vinyl shelf paper and it makes a stable surface and nice background. They stack nicely for storage later on.

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