Moonstone Jewelry Sets — designed in my dream

by Chuang Yu.
(New York, NY)

Moonstone Jewelry Sets by Chuang Yu  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Moonstone Jewelry Sets

I made these moonstone necklace and studs 2 years ago when I was still an art student in the college. My major was Studio Art and our school only have one metalsmithing course.

I took the course by chance and suddenly I fell in love with everything about it. Skills that I have learned from the classes were not enough for me so I started to take the course over and over again but doing the different projects.

Moonstones for jewelry set  by Chuang Yu  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

The Stones

One day I woke up with an image of a moonstone necklace in my head and I recalled that I had a whole dream about it. In my dream, I designed a moonstone necklace and I was looking for the center stone all over the New York City. I was frustrated because the cab driver kept taking me to the wrong place and I was trying to explain to him how important it was that I had to get the stone by noon.

Moonstone jewelry set in progress, by Chuang Yu  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Work in Process

I was excited about the necklace that I “designed” in my dream so I decided to make it in the real life and I made the moonstone studs to go with the necklace later.

Inspiration is the soul of the design and sometimes it comes from nowhere.

Chuang Yu
Yu Chuang Jewelry
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  1. Beautiful, Chuang! Sometimes dreams give us great inspiration, as in your dream with the beautiful necklace you designed. I too sometimes have jewelry design dreams. If only we could remember all the great ideas we are given in dreams!

  2. These are really beautiful. I don’t have dreams about designing jewelry – if I do I don’t remember them – but quite often I’ll be thinking about a piece of jewelry I don’t quite know how to finish, for example, when I’m trying to fall asleep or am just waking up and I’ll get good ideas. I think it’s because I’m not so conscious as I am when I’m fully awake – my mind is more free to wander.

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