Metal Stamping – How to Prevent Double Image?

by Tiphanie Elliott.
(Beeville, TX)

Metal Stamping - How to Prevent Double Image?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

No matter what I do I end up with double images with every stamp.

Is there something I can do that can stop this?

Tiphanie Elliott
Samarah’s Charm

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  1. Sarah Small says:

    I believe this is caused by hitting the stamp more than once and having it move between hits. Try hitting with just one firm blow.

  2. Hi Tiphanie! In my experience, I get the best, clearest single-image stamping this way:
    Put a thin piece of non-stick shelf liner under your steel block, so the block won’t skate around on your tabletop. Stand up instead of sitting down when you stamp, so you have more leverage, more control, and a better view down on your stamp and the metal you’re stamping. And finally, like Sarah said above – try hitting the stamp with just one firm blow.
    Let me know how these tips work for you! 🙂

  3. I have found good results with hitting my stamps multiple times to really set the image. I am stamping sterling, not base metals, so perhaps it is a bit harder to make the image. I hold the stamp about halfway up very firmly, straight up, and use a heavy brass hammer (not the little one sold by ImpressArt–cannot get enough leverage) and strike it hard 4 times straight down on top of the stamp. That really makes a deep impression with the image and later when I ‘ink’ it, I get a good set of lines.

  4. I have also found a little gizmo that holds the stamp firm and prevents it from jiggling around helps a lot. You can get it at Beaducation or other websites.

  5. I love JMJ and the way people are so willing to share their techniques and ideas! These are good tips to know!

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