Making a Teething Necklace

by Barb.

Hi, everyone!

Does anyone know where I can buy silicone beads?

I am trying to make a teething necklace and after a lot of research it seems to be that these beads are the safest to use.

Or if anyone has any suggestions on other beads that are safe to make teething necklaces please let me know.


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  1. If the bead fits into a film canister, it is not safe to give to a child as it is a choking hazard.

  2. Sarah is right. (I spent 4 years in the toy industry.) If you don’t have a film canister, an empty toilet-paper tube can work. You’ll need some pretty big beads for the necklace to be safe.

  3. Hello Ms.Barb I was doing some research on the net on companies that make safe plastic products and found a website called I’ve never heard of this company before so I do not know what kind of reputation they might have but they sure do have some very interesting information on the different types of safe materials they use for the making of all kinds of products. I have copied a statement that was found under their ABOUT US heading on their website and hopefully this company holds the answers to the materials you are looking for, for your little one. The following is the statement:

    “PlastiPure is a technology company focused on developing safe plastic materials and products. We work with innovative companies throughout the plastic supply chain to develop PlastiPure-Safe certified EA-Free materials, compounds, colorants, processing aids, and PlastiPure-Safe certified EA-Free products.

    Additionally, PlastiPure educates consumers on the facts about (EA) by working directly with the scientific community, non-governmental organizations, consumer groups, legislators, and the media.

    PlastiPure-Safe certified EA-Free plastic products are the safe consumer choice. Water bottles, baby bottles, food packaging, toys, medical devices, personal care bottles, and many more are all PlastiPure-Safe certified EA-Free products.

    PlastiPure has also worked with resin manufacturers and compounds to create lines of EA-Free raw materials for use by molders, converters, and other value-added partners in the supply chain to address the pull-demand channeled by PlastiPure’s consumer outreach.”

    I’m really hoping this company can help you with a safe and proper teething product for your baby. God bless you!

    From Toronto, Ontario Canada

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