Lindstrom RX Pliers

by Kim Pernia.
(Kimming Jewelry)

I have multiple sclerosis which has affected my grip strength.

I find Lindstrom RX pliers while expensive provide the extra squeeze I need.

Kim Pernia
Kimming Jewelry

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  1. Dear Kim,
    I dream of those Lindstrom pliers. Haven’t had the money to get them yet. But I will take your advice and when I can I will buy them.
    Your wire work is beautiful. I love the aqua blue stone and your hand wrapped chain. Gorgeous!

  2. Claireta Thomas says:

    Thanks for the tip. I have tendonitis in my thumb and making jewelry has become painful. Hopefully acquiring better pliers will help ease the pain.

  3. Fire Mountain has the best prices for Lindstrom pliers. If you go through Etsy (look for the Fire Mountain ordering group,) you can get the lowest prices.

    Lindstroms are my favorites. I also have the Wubbers bail forming pliers which have nice big handles with rubberized foamy stuff for comfort.

  4. I have coveted the Lindstrom pliers for a while but not had the funds to purchase them. They are definitely on my wish list.
    Great work. Love your scrolls.

  5. I want to get the Lindstroms and Wubbers

  6. Siggi Confer says:

    I managed to talk my hubby to give me two Lindstrom pliers for our last anniversary, the 46th. They are absolutely good on hurting and weak hands, as I find myself with worsening nerve-damage in my left hand, as well as severe degenerative artritis in both hands, as well as all through my body. I would like the other two pliers, maybe I can talk him into getting me the other two for Christmas…

  7. Siggi Confer says:

    Will someone please explain what Wubbers are! And what they are used for…

  8. Joint pain is a nightmare isn’t it? I’m sure my jewellery making exacerbates it awfully but I cannot give it up. Every morning when I wake up I experimentally wiggle my hands to test the pain. If its not too bad I’m up and into the workshop to make the most of the time. Any and all tools that help are gratefully used, so I’ll be getting some of these.

  9. Stace Walker says:


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