Leather Cord Necklace Design Ideas

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I wear a leather cord necklace almost every day. I love its soft naturalness. It’s comfortable, earthy, and durable – and over time it ages wonderfully.

Here are some ideas for this type of necklace, to spark your creativity:

Design Ideas

Suede cord is lovely to look at and very comfortable to wear. Here a collection of pearls have been wired to a dark pink suede strip, for a feminine yet rustic style:

A slide featuring multiple stones has wide loops on both ends of the back, allowing several strands of leather cord to run through them. The mixed colors of cording are a nice match with the stones:

I really like the way the multiple strips of leather have been wound around the top of the pendant here. I think it makes them a more important element in the overall design:

Three metalwork shapes are “hinged” together to create a long pendant. Black leather is the perfect stark, simple contrast to the metal:

A feminine piece featuring bone and crystal beads knotted into a design on a soft, natural-colored cord:

Rugged and masculine, a hand-knapped arrowhead is wrapped in strips of rustic rawhide:

Also, be sure to see my quick and easy tutorial on How to Straighten Leather Cord, so you can remove the coil from spooled cord and make it easier to work with.

Rena Klingenberg

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  1. Jean Foggo Simon says:

    Leather Tip: Rena – That is such a wonderful tip. I have soaked the leather in warm water in the past and straightened it that way, but it remained stiff. This is a much better way and will give it a go. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Really nice. I especially like the second one. A tutorial, please???

  3. Leslie says:

    why does all the suede leather lace I bought have the color rubbing off?

  4. Leslie, you might contact the shop where you purchased the suede leather lace, and let them know you’re having trouble with the color rubbing off – and ask how they recommend avoiding this problem.

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