Knuckling Down – Fitting a Ring for Someone with Large Knuckles?

by David.
(Durham, NC)

Fitting a Ring for Someone with Large Knuckles? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

How do you get a good ring fit for someone with large knuckles?
I’ve designed lots of wire wrapped rings but have not had this challenge before.
He wants a wrapped copper ring that is hammered all the way around, not an adjustable design.

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  1. David, could you design the ring with a clasp feature? So that the clasp could be opened to get the ring over the large knuckle, and then latched to fit the base of the finger below the knuckle?

  2. Adrien says:

    You may want to try squaring the shank after you have finished making the ring. Several of my customers have said it has greatly reduced the effort of getting their rings I have made over their knuckles. You could reshape the ring on a square mandrel, but I use my widest flat nosed (5mm) pliers to do the shaping. The advantage of a square shank is that you can slide it on the finger with one of the corners going above the knuckle and then turn it with a flat side up which makes a secure fit.

  3. Maryla says:

    Nancy Hamilton has some patterns for adjustable ring shanks that may work

    You can buy hinged ring shanks in silver or gold. Here’s one link I found

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